Zak Waters Net Worth- The Fame And Fortune Of ‘Pretty Things’

Zak Waters Net Worth

Zak Waters, better known as ‘Pretty Things’, is a reputed American singer and songwriter who raised his flag in the music industry with his hit singles and albums. Moreover, Zak Waters Net Worth, as per the Celebritythings database, is altogether a gift of his beautiful vocals that he incorporates within his music production. His unique style of music and a deep dive into the music genres had brought him recognition to the fullest. Moreover, his audience loves his versatility and the dynamic turns he takes during his performances, and he releases world-hit songs.

Zak Waters Biography

Total Net Worth$5 Million+
Real NameZak Waters
Born OnJanuary 22, 1989
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionSinger and Song writer
Height6 Ft.1”
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Who is Zak Waters?

Zak Waters was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on January 22, 1989. He belongs to a media-rich family where his father, Mark Waters, is a film director, and Kim Gatewood, his mother, is a comedian and actress. From early childhood, he was inspired by the entertainment industry and always wanted to become a musician. When he was 5, he used to play guitar. Moreover, he wrote his first ever song when he was only 10. As a teenager, he performed at local events and was a part of multiple local bands. To begin with, Zak Waters net worth was initiated when his professional career started with ‘Blondfire’, which was a high-end indie pop band of that era. He was a backup vocalist and a guitarist within the band. After some time, he initiated his music career when he created his ‘Blueskyreality’ band.

Music Career Beginnings

Zak Waters began writing pop-rock songs for the band. In 2008, the band got signed into universal republic records, another stair upward for zak waters net worth. After some time, the band was broken, and Waters decided to work solely. In 2011, he released a debut single ‘Unstoppable’ and started making history. Additionally, he recorded a song with the debut EP album with Jarrad Kiritzstein named ‘New Normal‘. This album consisted of a worldwide hit single, ‘Move on Up’. Consequentially the album release took place in two of the best studios of the time, ‘Rage woods studios ‘ and ‘The Room of Requirement’.

Furthermore, Zak released another high-end album named ‘Skinny Dippin’ the following year. After hitting the hot chart boards, he decided to film a music video for his album, which improvised Zak Waters net worth. Moreover, his collab with Madeon, a famous music producer, occurred in the same year entitled ‘The City’. After a decade or so, this song is still hung up high at number 74 on the UK singles chart while at number 13 on Hungary s single chart, and much more. This is a significant transformation point for the artist as his single amassed worldwide success.

Zak’s Big Releases

Moreover, in the same big year, Zak released a mixtape for ‘Trespassing’, a single that adam lambert released. Their music was featured in famous tv serials, including ‘Empire’ and ‘Glee‘.Eventually, in 2013 he released a solo single with a music video, ‘Runnin’ Around’. Moreover, the electronic music duo ‘Not coming down‘ was successfully released. Within the same year, the hit single ‘Penelope’ was a full-length album he performed on a full live stage. Zak Waters net worth elevated to millions when his collaborative single ‘Unleash’ was released. Moreover, the EDM single ‘Out of my head’ also played a part.

Additionally, Zak Waters is well known through his stage name, ‘Pretty Sister’.His solo music endeavors proved fruitful for him. Zak Waters wiki depicts how in 2015, his singles’ Lights Go Out,’ ‘Drive’, and others raised the flags high for the artist. From 2019 until now, he released multiple singles, including ‘Kingdom in the Valley’, ‘Poolside vibe’, and ‘More Than Friends’. Recently, he released only songs, ‘Crystal Vision’, ‘Convenience’, ‘Pull me back’ and ‘Diamonds in the Ring’. However, he also looks forward to many more hit songs in the coming years. 

Other Ventures

Zak has performed in ‘Bad Things’, a songwriting competition. However, he progressed to the top three out of his god-gifted writing ability. Moreover, the artist rewrote the television show, making Zak Waters net worth collection visible from other ventures. The artist is a notable musician for blending in music styles of different musicians, including Daft punk, Neo-funk, R&B, and Z-funk music styles within his songs and albums. However, he has also been labelled a DJ, pop artist, and record producer.

Zak Waters Net Worth

Being a talented artist, he never looked back after his hit singles. Waters has been a competitive yet influencing icon in the music industry. Moreover, Zak Waters Net Worth I approximately $5 Millon. Additionally, his active engagement in the music industry has always brought him into the spotlight alongside streaming enough wealth and revenue. Furthermore, Zak Waters bio includes his albums and songs, making up the room for his massive fame and success. However, Celebritythings research states that he wishes to explore all music genres within his music releases and is up for testing and experimenting with multiple sounds and styles in his upcoming music releases.

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