Virgin River Season 5 Release Date- What Will Happen Next?

Virgin River is one of the hit Netflix series across the globe that gathered tons of appreciation from the audience. The first debut of the series was in December 2019. Being a romantic drama, fans have been hitting off the admiration, wanting more sequels after every season. On the Verge of good news, Virgin River Season 5 is officially announced to be in the making for the fans after four successful seasons. Here’s what the cast and crew have to say about it!

Virgin River Recap

An American romantic drama, Virgin River is Tv series based on Robyn Carr’s virgin river novels. After a debut in 2019, the series has reached four seasons until 2022. As Robyn Carr published the best-selling book in 2007, the premiere for the fifth virgin river season is under production. Ultimately, we know that your brain might miss some keys from the previous season, ponder over the recap to enjoy the fifth season to the fullest.

Virgin River Summary

The story begins when Melinda ‘Mel’ agrees to work as a practitioner nurse and midwife in the Virgin River, a northern California town. She inked the contract to escape her painful memories and depression. However, she is shocked that small-town life is not as easy as she thought.

Season 1

In the finale of season one, Mel goes through a difficult situation as she suffers from the trauma of her husband’s death. Hope hires her as Doc. Moreover, she starts dating Jack, but the relationship ends when Mel comes to know that his ex is expecting. Mel moves back to Los angles.

Season 2  

By the end of Virgin River season 2, it is proved that Brady did not murder Calvin. Moreover, Mel and Jack come together in the season. However, episode 10 reveals that Jack received gunshots and almost bled to death.

Season 3

In season 3, surprisingly, we find out that Jack, the romantic lead is alive, but he lost his memory. Jack and Mel spend a romantic night together. Mel asks Jack if he wants a child with her. Jack breaks up because he does not want to. By the end, they again reunite, and Mel is expecting. she declares Jack is not the baby’s father making their relationship complicated.

On the other hand, Charmaine, who delivered twins in the last season, has a controlling fiance, Todd, who wants to adopt the twins and take the family far away from the virgin river. Additionally, Jakc’s sister Brie faces a miscarriage, and Mel treats her for it. Ultimately, it was revealed that Brie was raped by her ex-co-worker. Meanwhile, Hope and Doc come together. Brady got arrested for shooting jack, and a teenage boy knocks on doc’s door looking for his grandfather, although Doc has no kids in the entire series!

Season 4

In virgin river season 4, it is revealed that jack is the father of Mel’s baby. Moreover, they both got engaged in season 4! Furthermore, Charmaine got into a toxic marriage, making her life a disaster.

Virgin River Season 5 Cast

In previous seasons, dynamic artists were in the Virgin River series star cast. Additionally, there are lots of new characters and reprising characters in the season. Some major characters are

Alexandra BreckenridgeAs Mel Monroe
Annette O’TooleAs Hope McCrea
Martin HendersonAs Jack Sheridan
Tim MathesonAs Dr. Vernon Mullins(DOC)
Benjamin HollingsworthAs Dan Brady
Zibby Allen As Brie Sheridan
Lauren HammersleyAs Charmaine Roberts

Virgin River season 5 is expecting new faces in starring as well. In October 2022, Netflix officially tweeted that Kandysee Mclure from ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘V-Wars’ will play a role in season 5.

Moreover, in November,  resources confirmed that Susan Hogan from ‘legends of tomorrow’, Paolo Maiolo, and Elise Gatien from ‘Supernatural’ would also appear in the upcoming season. However, their character names are still wrapped up.

Virgin River Season 5 Showrunner

One drastic change that ‘Virgin River season 5’ will make us witness is the transition of the showrunner. Eventually, Patrick season smith is replacing Sue Tenney. As the former is occupied with other projects. The latter has worked on some big series like ‘Supernatural’, ‘Dolly Patron’s Heartstrings’ and others.

Virgin River Season 5 Trailer

As per tradition, the trailer is usually released a week before the official premiere. Unfortunately, there is no sneak peek footage of season 5, but it is expected any time soon. The crew wants the suspense to be on board. With the official Instagram post of virgin river saying, ‘It’s a wrap for season 5!’.Martin (Jack) revealed that the tentative date for the premiere might be July 2023, which is not very far.

Virgin River Season 5 Spoilers

According to teh headlines, Virgin River season 5 has been allotted a budget of $3 to $5 million per episode. Eventually, Netflix will spend a reasonable $60 million for the upcoming 12 episodes. Moreover, the foremost question the audience wants is whether Charmaine could confess to Jack that the twins aren’t his. In addition, Breckenridge gave clues in her interview that Patrick, the new showrunner, will include more LGBTQ vibes in the season. However, we expect diversity in the season compared to the previous ones.

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date

Unfortunately, the ‘Virgin River season 5’ filming was officially announced in march 2022 but was delayed until July 2022. Although there was no evident reason for the lag, Alexandra, through a video, stated that they wanted to film the summer season as Vancouver would not help them in winter. Ultimately the series was under production from July 2022 till November 2022 in British Columbia.

In addition, the official Instagram account for the Virgin River series confirmed the under-construction production of season 5 through a Zoom meeting. Although season 4 premiered in July, we still need to set a date for season 5. Ultimately, the predictions are that season 5 might be premiered in July 2023. Based upon the post-production, the season is expected to premiere in July, just like the previous seasons; otherwise, it can be in mid-2023 in the summer.

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