Veronica Falcón Net Worth – The Real Queen Of The South

Veronica Falcón Net Worth

About Veronica Falcón 

The Mexican actress and choreographer Veronica Falcón has gained massive success worldwide. Veronica Falcón net worth of millions displays how successful television and film roles have made her. The actress experimented with different genres and styles and aced each. To know more, read what Celebritythings views about the star.

Veronica Falcón Biography 

Total Net Worth$1.5 Million+
Real NameVeronica Falcón
Born OnAugust 8, 1966
Place Of BirthMexico
ProfessionActress And Choreographer
Height5 Ft. 5”

Early Life

Veronica Falcón was born in Mexico on August 8, 1966. She belongs to a talented family as her father is an architect by profession, and her mother is a real estate broker. Moreover, she also has a sibling who is a sports journalist. Breaking through the mainstream professions of her family, Veronica Falcón decided to hop into the entertainment industry. As far as her educational history is concerned, Falcon has not revealed much about her intimate life. Additionally, she is of Mexican descent but has a fluent English accent.

Husband Veronica Falcón

A successful Mexican celebrity couple acing their actor roles in the Mexican entertainment industry, Marius Biegai and Veronica Falcón, are well known together. They tied the knot back in 1998 and have a child Lucca Biegai. Veronica’s spouse is a famous director and actor who was initially from Poland but moved to New York for acting workshop teaching. This is where their romantic story began.

Career Beginnings

Initially,  Veronica Falcón started her career with a television series hosting ‘Salsaerobics’ in 1995. Straight after that, she got another hosting in ‘Banda Max’, ‘Ritmoson’ in 1996. Similarly, in 2002-2003 she was approached as a host for ‘Operación Triunfo’ and ‘Clap!… El lugar de tus sueños’.Veronica Falcón body type built her interest not only in acting but in choreography and dance as well. Conclusively she began her entertainment voyage with choreography for different TV series.


In the era of 2000s, Veronica started getting actor roles in different TV series. Moreover, Veronica Falcón net worth started to build through her first decade. She played her talents in several episodes of ‘Desde Gayola’ in 2005. Eventually, in 2007, she also performed in ‘Palabra de mujer’, ‘El Pantera and ‘Trece Miedos’.

The Mexican actress has achieved much fame through her television roles. From 2008 -2011, she performed consecutive roles in tv series. Beginning from Que show con Alejandra Bogue’, ‘Vecinos Maestra del Pato / Hermana’, ‘Hermanos y detectives Estela’, ‘The Disorderly Maids of the Neighborhood’, ‘La rosa de Guadalupe’, and ‘Sábado Gigante’.

Veronica Falcón Decade

In 2012, she played other varied roles in four films.They include ‘Capadocia Cayetana’, ‘Paramedicos’, ‘Héroes anónimos’ , ‘La familia P. Luche Labiuda’ and ‘Estado de Gracia’.Apart from this, she worked in 6 episodes of ‘Sr. Ávila’ in 2013-14. In addition, in 2015, she was cast for 30+ episodes of two different series, ‘El Capitán Camacho’ and ‘El Señor de Los Cielos’

In 2016, the Mexican actress flipped her career destiny in the entertainment industry. She became the first Mexican actress in the USA to capture the audience’s attention through her TV series roles. In 2016, people started searching for Camila Vargas actress due to Verinca’s exceptional performance in ‘Queen Of The South’.The character became her identity. She performed in the series for three straight seasons.

About Queen Of The South

The hit TV series belongs to the ‘action and suspense thriller’ genre. The story is a fictional plot about a Cartel Queen. With an immense fun-loving cast, this drama has hit the highest rating poles. Eventually, the story is a rival relationship game between the rising Leader Terese and the queen pin Camila Vargas real name of the actress is Veronica Falcón. People started recognizing Veronica as Camila Vargas actress as this TV series transformed the artists’ careers. She worked in 39 episodes of the drama. Moreover, she got the ‘Outstanding Performance in a TV series impact award’ 2019 for her character. Ultimately, after this role, she fulfilled her goal of expanding her character out of the Mexico industry.

On the other hand, stepping out of the age borderline, the actress still performs her best in TV series such as Perpetual Grace, LTDas Clara, Why Women Kill, Catherine Castillo, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Ozark. Eventually, some of her roles are lead roles, and some are supporting roles. The actress is acing throughout in whatever shoes she is put into.

The Turnout To ‘Big Screen’

In 1995, Veronica Falcón played a big screen role in ‘Midaq Alley’.Following this role, she shifted her focus towards Tv series roles and dance choreography hostings. However, she made a comeback in films in 2007. After her first movie, she worked in the film ‘Hasta el viento tiene miedo’ in 2007. Eventually, she played dynamic roles in different short films as well. In 2008, she got her role in ‘Los Fortuna’; the following year, she was cast in ‘Not Forgotten’.

Following that, she got multiple roles in ‘Invocación’ and ‘Dar y Recibir’ short films in 2010. In addition, there was not a single year when Veronica Falcón net worth took a break. She performed back-to-back in films from 2011-2015. Her films include ‘Cinnamon’, ‘Tiempos Felices’, ‘A Monster with a Thousand Heads’ and others. However, her big hit films were ‘Days of Grace’ in 2011, for which she received a nomination through PECIME. Moreover, she received the best supporting film actress for ‘Besos de Azúcar’ in 2013.

After 2015, she portrayed her acting skills in the expanded USA. At that time, she performed in seven different films, out of which five of them were in 2021. Some of them are ‘Find a Boyfriend for My Wife… PLEASE!’, ‘Haymaker’ and Disney film ‘Jungle Cruise’.Moreover, her recent film ‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’ was another box office hit.

Awards And Recognitions

PECIME nominationDays of Grace (2011)
Diosas de Plata awardsBesos de Azcar (2013)
Imagen awardQueen of the south (2017)
Imagen awardQueen of the south (2018)
NHMC impact awardQueen of the south (2019)

Veronica Falcón Net Worth

As far as the actress has displayed the best of her talents and skills, she has made a solid mark in the entertainment industry of Mexico and the USA. Veronica Falcón net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million+. This is all that she collected from her acting and choreography roles. Moreover, she has never thought of quitting, no matter how advanced her age is. From Mexico to the word screen, she has made some real progress.

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