Travis Scott Net Worth -The Phenomenal Music Stardom

Travis Scott Net Worth

The renowned American singer, rapper, record producer, and writer has exceptional vocals and unique music styles. Moreover, in modern generation music, Celebritythings tops the artist’s songs that made Travis Scott Net Worth reach almost a  billion. Furthermore, he has achieved a lot of praise and is an influential figure in the music industry.

Travis Scott Biography

Real NameJacques Bermon Webster II
Total Net Worth$80 Million
Born OnApril 30, 1991
Place Of BirthHouston Texas
ProfessionRapper, Producer & Songwriter
Travis Scott Height5 Ft. 9”
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Who Is Travis Scott?

Jacques Bermon Webster II was born on April 30, 1991, in Houston, texas. Until age six, he lived with his grandmother in a highly notorious south park, Houston area. However, he moved to a suburb in Missouri after spending much of his childhood in Houston. In addition,  he studied at Elkin High School and later got admission to the University of Texas San Antonio. Moreover, he dropped out of university to pursue his music passion. However, he created his stage name Travis Scott and became famous with this name. Despite Travis Scott age, his music interests were ignited through his music inspirations, including Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and others. Moreover, he was raised in a music-oriented family and played instruments to make his music. Additionally, he honed his skills when he started rapping and producing at a young age. 

Which Travis Scott Songs Are Famous?

When Scoot moved to Los Angeles, he diligently pursued his dream. Moreover, in 2012, he finally recorded his solo mixtape ‘Owl Pharoah’ and received immense favorable reviews. Additionally, this project brought prominence to his career. It blends melodies, genre mix, and other unique factors. In 2014, the song ‘Antidote’ received much praise and made his vocals prominent alongside Travis Scott Net Worth. In addition, Scott’s songs ‘SICKO Mode’ and ‘Stargazing’ are his biggest hit in the music industry. The former track was in collaboration with the music industry king Drake. 

Moreover, it is a part of his highly renowned Travis Scott Astroworld Album. It made him stand at number one on the Billboard 100. However, his famous style incorporates atmospheric beats and distinctive vocal styles. Additionally, he became a music powerhouse and released numerous hit songs. In addition, Travis featured Kendrick Lamar and released the ‘Goosebumps’ remix in 2021. However, this song was a part of Travis Scott Utopia album. It included haunting melodies and topped the charts. Consequently, his unique music style makes him a dominant musician topping the billboards and captivating millions of hearts across the globe.

What Happened At Travis Scott Concert?

When a lot of success comes your way, there is always a chance of scandalous and tragic incidents. On November 5, 2021, Scott faced a sad incident. While he was n his ‘Astroworld Music Festival,‘ there was a huge uncontrollable crowd. As the rapper himself was full of energy, the overcrowding created tragic chaos. Moreover, there was a lack of management which caused serious consequences. Unfortunately, almost 300 people were injured, out of which 25 were hospitalized under series conditions, and ten concertgoers lost their precious lives. Additionally, Scott expressed immense sorrow about this tragic event, and the whole safety management team was penalized for their carelessness. Although this was a dark incident in his career, it raised attentiveness among the concert management industry regarding safety protocols.

Travis Scott Family

Travis has always shown gratitude towards his family, who have supported him throughout his career. He was born into a musical family, and his father, Jacques Webster, and Wanda Webster, instilled the notion of pursuing music within him. In his early childhood, he lived with his grandmother, who was also a significant influence in her life. Furthermore, Travis Scott wife is the well-known icon, Kylie Jenner. They together welcomed a daughter Stormi Webster which solidified Scotts appearance on screen as a dedicated father s well.

Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner  Relationship

Both prominent figures in the Hollywood industry have a highly public and significant relationship. Initially, they started dating in 2017 and were highly admired by the audience. Moreover, they welcomed a daughter in 2018 and received a lot of f love from the fans. However, in 2019, they both parted ways to focus on their selves, yet they co-parent their child very efficiently.

How Much Are Travis Scott Shoes?

Scott collaborated with high-profile show brands as he is obsessed with fabulous shoes and looks. However, Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is expected to be around $190.Contrarily, they are expensive because of their limited edition. This is the trick to derive more demand as the low stock psychologically impacts the product as a best seller.

Travis Scott Net Worth

The exceptional rapper and producer is one of the highest-paid musicians in the industry. Moreover, Travis Scott Net Worth is almost $80 Million. From his mixtape albums to his energetic stage performances, he has a solid reputation in the industry. Additionally, Celebritythings identified that his albums had been categorized as the best rap albums. Furthermore, he also received nominations for Grammy awards and is up for releasing multiple hit singles in the future.


How much does Travis Scott make?

Out of his immense dedication to the music industry, Travis Scott net worth is almost $80 Million. Moreover, his hit albums and songs together made him a highly-paid rapper.

Which Is the most famous Travis Scott album?

Travis Scott Astroworld is the highest-selling album of the artist as it includes the hit singles ‘SICKO mode’  and others.

What Is Travis Scott Height?

The rich rapper is almost 5 Ft. 9” a few inches taller than his life partner Kylie Jenner who is almost 5 Ft. 6”.

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