Tony Burman Net Worth – A Look Into The Life Of A Famous Journalist

Tony Burman Net Worth

Tony Burman is one of the most prominent and significant figures in journalism. He has spent years covering some of the most critical events in the news history. Moreover, it is without any doubt that Tony Burman Net Worth is the result of his extreme enthusiasm for the field of reporting. As per Celebrity Things, his reputation as a skilled journalist has brought him home quite some noteworthy accolades throughout his career. Besides, he has made some of the most remarkable contributions to journalism. Indeed, his journey as a top journalist is a treat for his supporters.

Tony Burman Biography

Total Net Worth$5 Million 
Real Name Tony Burman
Born On June 13, 1948
Place Of Birth Montreal, Canada
Profession Journalist
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Who Is Tony Burman?

Tony Burman is a world-renowned Canadian journalist, broadcaster, and writer. He was born on June 13, 1948, in Montreal, Canada. He has worked for media outlets like Al Jazeera, CBC News, and Toronto Star. Moreover, his sizeable media career has carried him across the globe, adding to Tony Burman net worth. He has covered major events like the 9/11 attacks, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the Gulf War. His achievements and awards reflect his long and dedicated efforts in his field, which only a few journalists of this age can achieve.


With an incredible career in journalism, Tony Burman has been a big name in the field. He edited two student publications while attending Concordia University in the 1960s, one of which was the Loyola News, now The Concordian (Montreal). Moreover, Tony Burman education has been a huge part of his journalism career. 

During his time at the university, the Canadian University Press asked him to look into the situation regarding the resignation of Lance’s editors, a student newspaper at the University of Windsor, who had reprinted a controversial essay contrasting the status of students at California State University and that of African Americans in society. The administration violated the newspapers’ freedom and fired the editors. Burman’s defence of the underground journalism movement was later summarized in the official report he submitted to the CUP office in Ottawa.

Moreover, in the late 1960s, Burman’s father’s newspaper, the Montreal Star, hired him as an education reporter. He also used to work as a freelancer for a couple of years. And not to mention his extraordinary work there. He spent a great time in South America, where he discovered his first significant story, ‘Vilcabamba,’ also known as the ‘Valley of Longevity’ and thought to be the origin of contemporary myths about the fountain of youth. Burman also provided The Globe and Mail with a dozen essays on international affairs between 1982 and 1984.

Remarkable CBC Achievements

Tony Burman career took huge turns when he was hired by CBC in 1972. In Montreal, he worked as a radio broadcaster for CBC Radio. He came to Toronto after working as a current affairs story editor for the evening news program ‘City At Six’ in Montreal. He eventually got a job as a senior writer at ‘The National.’ He served as The National’s executive producer from 1980 to 1982. Besides that, he worked for CBC Television News for three years out of London from 1982 to 1985.

Burman also worked with ‘The Journal’ as a senior producer and created many documentaries. His most notable works include ‘Nelson Mandela,’ also nominated for the Gemini Award in 1986. He also created a 1987 Best Documentary Award winner from the Canadian Association of Journalists, ‘Air India Crash’ is about the bombing of Flight 182. Burman’s other notable works include ‘The Last Great Cause,’ ‘Human Tragedy in Sudan,’ and ‘Sudan: Children of Darkness.’

Significant Career Highlights

Tony Burman has covered some of history’s most important news stories, which add to the highlights of his long career. In 1991, Burman served as the Middle East correspondent for CBC and reported on the ‘Gulf War’ from Baghdad, Iraq. He provided information about the battle and its effects on the area and the wider world. Besides, the all-famous journalist covered the incident of ‘The fall of the Berlin Wall’ in 1989, in which he described the historical occurrence and its importance for Germany and the rest of the world. These remarkable career achievements speak highly of Tony Burman net worth, resulting from his outclass dedication.


With all the hard work done in journalism, Tony Burman surely deserved awards for his outstanding contributions. And he did receive those! Throughout his career, Tony Burman has earned numerous honors and accords for his work as a journalist. Moreover, the famous reporter received his first-ever ‘Gordon Sinclair Award’ for Broadcast Journalism in 1986, an award from the ‘Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.’ This high honor can only a few journalists can achieve. 
He also accepted the ‘Canadian Association of Journalists President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2002. Moreover, another achievement was added to the journalist’s career in 2012 when he received the ‘Diamond Jubilee Medal’ from Queen Elizabeth II in honor of his contributions to Canadian media. All these accolades add more to Tony Burman net worth and speak of his exceptional career in journalism.

Tony Burman Net Worth

Tony Burman career is full of exciting work. Moreover, he is one of the most respected and renowned Canadian journalists. Tony Burman salary is approximately $5 million. Burman has travelled the globe to cover some of the most important news stories of our time. His work as a media executive and writer has brought him various awards, and his net worth proves his excellent success in the field. Besides, his contributions to the journalism field have established a high standard. And surely, his influence will be left in the journalism world for years to come. 


Who is Tony Burman, journalist?

Tony Burman bio is that he is a Canadian journalist and broadcaster. He has been serving in journalism since the 1960s, working in radio, TV, print, and the internet.

What are Tony Burman’s most notable contributions to journalism?

Tony Burman career has made outstanding contributions to journalism. One of his most notable coverage includes reporting on the Gulf War from Iraq while serving as the Middle East reporter for CBC. His reporting offered a perceptive viewpoint on the battle and its effects on the area. 

What is Tony Burman’s education?

Tony Burman education is quite vast. He earned a journalism and political science degree from Concordia University. Moreover, after completing his studies, Burman started his journalism career in 1972 with the Montreal Gazette, where he spent several years as a writer and editor. He also worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in 1981 as a producer for ‘The National,’ the main newscast on the network.

What is Tony Burman net worth Forbes?

Tony Burman has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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