Todd Sucherman Net Worth – The Voyage To The Richest Drummer

Todd Sucherman Net Worth

The beautiful rhythm and bass we hear in songs are under the construction of the musicians behind the scenes. The wealthiest drummer Todd Sucherman net worth shows how his musician family and his childhood hop into the music field enlisted him under the best drummers in the world. For decades he has been serving the industry with diverse music. 

Todd Sucherman Biography

Total Net Worth$5 Million
Real NameTodd Sucherman
Born On May 2, 1969
Place Of BirthChicago Illinois

Early Life

Todd Sucherman was born in Chicago, Illinois, on May 2, 1969. As a child, music was injected into his blood. Sucherman’s father, Arnold J. Sucherman, was simultaneously a doctor and a professional drummer. He belonged to the ‘Chez Paree’ band of Chicago. On the other hand, his mother, Jo Sucherman, was a 1950s actress.

Todd started playing his father’s drum set when he was just two years old. As he grew up, his brother created a band, ‘The Sucherman Brothers ’, when Todd was just six. They started getting paid for events at such an early stage. Sucherman’s early education was at ‘Niles West High School’ and ‘Berklee College of music’.

Todd Sucherman Wife

According to Celebritythings research, the drummer is very serious about his work and talks less about his personal life. Moreover, Todd Sucherman Wife is Taylor Mills, who is also a singer. She is one of the most heard singers who has been acing the singing ground since the 2000s. Additionally, Sucherman looks deeply in love with his wife as they are a supportive couple to each other. However, only a few details have been portrayed by both individuals. However, they announced in 2013 via Instagram about their baby. Eventually, Todd has no negative romantic relationship or affairs and is loyal to his wife.


The music industry has renowned singers and composers, and the musicians behind them are the true gems. Todd Sucherman net worth started compiling in march 1995 when he joined Styx in collaboration with Spinal Tap, Brian Wilson, and others. They hit on re-recording the song ‘Lady’ for their hit 1995 album. They entitled the song ‘lady’95’ though he was uncredited. In 1996, one of the drummers, John Panazo from the group, expired. Eventually, Sucherman had to take over entirely in that case. In addition, they released an album ‘Return To Paradise’ in 1997.

Session Musician

After developing their name in the music events, Sucherman returned to Chicago in 1988. After Sucherman’s return to his hometown, Todd Sucherman net worth bet on creating his solo identity as a session musician. Eventually, he became a well-known live session music worker. The same year, he collaborated with Tommy Shaw to get his solo album ‘7 Deadly Zens’ booming. With time, Sucherman worked with renowned artists, including Peter Cetera, Brian Wilson, Steve Cole, Spinal Tap, and others. Moreover, he also works with one of the Styx band fellows ‘Lawrence Gowan’ .

With years passing by, Todd played many drums in significant and prestigious events alongside other ventures. In 2008, he was featured in the ‘Modern Drum Festival’. This year was a breakthrough for the richest drummer, where Todd Sucherman net worth took the right turn. Additionally, he appeared in the modern drummer magazine 2008. Furthermore, modern drummer magazine 2009 voted him the ‘number one rock drummer in the world’.

Todd Sucherman Discography

The Styx drummer has worked wonders in his music journey. Initially, some of his best studio albums started in 1999, ‘Brave New World’. Jumping onto the 2000s era, he released ‘Cyclorama’ in 2003. Moreover, he also released a cover album, ‘Big Bang Theory’ in 2005. After a medium break, he released ‘The mission’ in 2017 and ‘Crash Of The Crown’ in 2021. As per the resources, Todd sucherman drum kit includes Pearl drums, Remo drumheads, Percussion, Hardware, Audix microphones, and other technical things. Moreover, he keeps variating his instruments occasionally.

Todd Sucherman Live Albums

Pondering through all the achievements and recognitions of the drummer, Todd initiated his music career with the live album ‘Return to paradise’ in 1997. After this album, he released three back-to-back albums such as ‘Arch Allies: Live at riverport’ in 2000, ‘StyxWorld: Live 2001′, ‘At the River’s Edge: Live in St. Louis in 2002‘, and 21st century lived in 2003. After a three-year gap, the artist released more hit live albums like ‘One with everything’. In 2013 and 2015, he released ‘The Grand Illusion’ and ‘Live At The Orleans Arena’ respectively.

Sucherman’s Singles

From the Greatest hits collection, Todd worked on ‘Lady’95’, ‘It takes love’ and ‘Little Suzie’.In 2009, Sucherman released ‘Cant stop Rockin’ and ‘Back from the dead’ with spinal tap. Moreover, in 2018, Todd collaborated on another single, ‘Live is a killer’ 2018, and ‘Icy Skies’ in 2021. Apart from all this, Todd sucherman first solo album ‘Last Flight Home’ was a huge hit after its release in 2021. This album incorporates cover songs such as Elbow’s ‘Kindling’.However, there are several music videos for songs like ‘Last flight home’, ‘Ad lib Everything’, ‘The damage’ and others. Most of his songs are available on his own YouTube channel. 

Extended Covers

The Same Stardust 2021
Regeneration: Volume 1 (2010)
Regeneration: Volume 2 (2011)


In 2020, Todd Sucherman got the title of number one live drummer. The same year, he collaborated for a solo drum composition performance, ‘13 For NP’ at the twelfth annual modern drum festival. This performance was a tribute to the late Neil Peart, a rush drummer and lyricist. Moreover, in 2021, he got a nomination for the ‘Best rock drummer‘ through music radar.

Todd Sucherman Net Worth

It might be shocking as a reader to witness a musician, and that too, a drummer playing in millions. The hard work and dedication brought Todd Sucherman Net Worth to $5 Million. Moreover, he has been enlisted as a top-notch drummer and the wealthiest drummer in America.

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