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Trevor Einhorn Net Worth

About Trevor Einhorn 

Trevor Einhorn has been working in the entertainment industry since 5. Ultimately some notable roles in films and tv series grew Trevor Einhorn net worth to millions in his 30s only. The artist has performed memorable roles in tv series that lasted an impression on the audience. From a child actor to a professional artist, Celebritythings covered the entire journey here.

Trevor Einhorn Biography

Total Net Worth$5 Million
Real NameTrevor Elias Einhorn 
Born OnNovember 3, 1988
Place of birthLos Angeles, California USA
Height5 Ft. 11”

Early Life

Trevor Elias Einhorn was born November 3, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He started working in the entertainment industry at 5. Moreover, he was a Madrigal choir performer in high school, for which he received a gold medal award. Moreover, in 1999, he won the young artist award as well. Additionally, he also appeared in multiple tv commercials for renowned brands such as Big lots and Acer. In 2006, he graduated from Beverly Hills High School. Additionally, he attended El Rodeo School as well for some time. Moving on, he enrolled at Pressman College and was extraordinarily interested in Performing arts throughout his educational career.


From 1994 onwards, Frasier Frederick actor journey was initiated. His first appearance was in the film ‘disclosure’ in the character of Matt Sandrews. Eventually, in 1988, he performed in two films ‘BASEketball’ and ‘Operation Splitsville’.Moreover, he worked on the short film ‘The Storyteller the next year. Furthermore his final short film was back in 2016 named ‘Roommates’.


Following the first Trevor Einhorn film, he has made a solid career through television shows and series. In 1996, Trevor Einhorn net worth started to take a turn. He worked in ‘Deadly Games and ‘MADtv’.Moreover, in 1999 he appeared in another show, ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ as Robbie. In the 2000s era, he began with the TV show ‘The Norm Show’.

Eventually, in 2003 he played the most prominent and iconic role in the American sitcom as Fredrick crane in ‘Frasier’.He acted in 8 consecutive episodes. This series lasted from 1996 to 2003, building Trevor Einhorn net worth. Following this, in 2004, he made a 3 episode appearance, ‘Joan of Arcadia’.In 2006, Frasier Frederick actor performed in ‘Help Me Help You’ for a single episode.

The Best Of Trevor Einhorn

After these years, Trevor appeared in back-to-back tv series from 2006-2008. He played the main character in ‘Sons& Daughters’ from 2006-07. Moreover, in 2008, he acted in an episode of ‘The Office’.Furthermore, Trevor Einhorn net worth elevated when he worked in consecutive tv roles from 2013 to 2020.

Several directors approached him for appearances in different roles. In 2013, he played josh Abramson in ‘Arrested Development’.In 2014, Trevor acted in two series ‘Garfunkel and Oates and ‘Major Crimes’.From 2013 until 2015, he performed in 13 consecutive episodes of ‘Mad Men’.After that, directors cast him in back-to-back tv series. In 2015 he acted in one of the episodes of ‘MaronBarry’ and played the character of Dan Miller in ‘#Cybriety’.

Finally, in 2016, he acted in the TV short ‘Underaceivers’ and, side by side started working in the sci-fi series ‘The magicians’.Moreover, in 2017, he acted in two TV movies ‘Dirty dancing’, a reprise of ‘Neil Kellerman’ and ‘The Last Tycoon’.In 2020 his famous character of josh Hoberman for magicians ended.

Trevor Einhorn Personal Life

Like the other artists, Trevor keeps his personal life hidden from the public. As far as his family is concerned, his sister Faryn Einhorn is also in the same industry. She is famous for her characters in ‘bombshell’, ‘Yes Day’,’ Famous in love, and others.Contrarily Trevor Einhorn wife is Alyx Andrushuk , who is his long time fiance.She also belongs to the film industry and is well known for ‘Kay &Peele’, ‘The Magicians’, ‘The Phantoms’ and others. Eventually, Trevor tied the knot with his fiance in 2017.

Trevor Einhorn Net Worth

The actor Trevor Einhorn performed iconic roles in his lifetime. As a child, he started appearing on screen, and ultimately his talents led him to outstanding professional acting roles. Ultimately, all of the conjoined efforts in the field made Trevor Einhorn net worth around $5 Million. Moreover, his recurring roles in tv shows elevated his fan base to the greatest. As the talented young artist has a long way to go, his success awaits in the film industry.

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