The Sparkling Waves Of Kevin Anderson Actor Net Worth

Kevin Anderson Actor Net Worth

About Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is an American theatre and big-screen artist. He initiated his career from humble beginnings, and Kevin Anderson actor net worth bore millions. Moreover, his all-rounder acting skills created his pathway easier and more profitable with time. Anderson, from the 1900s until the present, served the screens at his best.

Kevin Anderson Biography

Total Net Worth$10 Million
Real NameKevin Anderson 
Born On January 13, 1960
Place Of BirthGurnee, Illinois
Height5 Ft. 7”
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Early Life

Kevin Anderson was born in Gurnee, Illinois, on January 13, 1960. He belongs to a big family with five siblings. Anderson studied acting at DePaul University from the Goodman School Of drama for three years. As he belonged to a village-like area, he grew up in cornfields, fresh air, and river water. The reason behind Anderson’s unmatchable humbleness came from his hometown and brought up. 

As Kevin grew up alongside pure nature, he knew the art of hard work out of the values that he obtained from the Midwest area. Regarding his consistency, the actor faced an unfortunate motorcycle accident in the late 1900s. However, he recovered within a few years and returned with a blast in the industry under his unmatchable motives.

Kevin Anderson Personal Life

Many of the artist’s fans are curious about Kevin Anderson actor wife. As per the Celebritythings database, is Kevin Anderson married? Kevin Anderson actor married Golfer Kelsey O’Neal 2011, whom he met in college. Moreover, they both live in Delray Beach, Florida, together. Additionally, they were blessed with a daughter in 2019. Moreover, people often wonder how old is Kevin Anderson because of his triumphant career. He is hovering n his 60s and acing the entertainment world with ultimate fan admiration.


Throughout Anderson’s career, the artist has built an outstanding career for four decades. The actor’s appearances on screen created a lasting impression on the audience. He has accomplished enough goals within the entertainment industry sharing the stage with the big names. Moreover, he has been famous for bringing in the challenge for some triumphant actors like Jessica Chastain, Michelle Pfeiffer, and others. Moreover, he has also worked with some of the legendary directors in iconic films of the era.


Being an exceptional artist from the very beginning of his career, Kevin Anderson actor net worth was initiated in his theatre years. Being a member of the best ‘Steppenwolf Teatre Company’ for 35 years, his debut was an actual hit. As per Celebritythings research, Anderson received two theatre awards for his performance in ‘Orphans’. In addition, the actor has gained tremendous recognition and achieved many awards for his theatre roles. In addition, he also got nominations for ‘Revival Of Death Of A Salesman’.Moreover, he appeared in ‘Come Back’ in 2008,’ ‘The Shawshank redemption’ in 2009, and ‘A Guide for the Perplexed’ in 2010.


Initially, in 1980, Anderson started his career with a short film ‘Growing Up Young’ with the character ‘Tom‘. Eventually, in 1983, Kevin Anderson actor net worth took the right turn. He did his debut feature film ‘Risky Business‘ alongside the handsome hunk tom cruise. Moreover, in 1985 he worked as Danny in ‘Pink Nights’. From here, the actor’s career broke through the boundaries. He was offered two films in 1987. The first was ‘A walk On The Moon’ while the second hit was ‘Orphans’, which received an actual award. The production was Steppenwolf theatre’s, and this dart hit the bullseye for Anderson.

Further, in the next two consecutive years, Anderson’s exceptional acting brought him roles back to back. He performed in ‘Miles from home and ‘In The Country’. Hopping onto the late 1900s, he appeared in back-to-back films. In 1991 he performed in the hit films ‘Sleeping with the Enemy and ‘Liebestraum’.However, in 1992, he worked in a single film as Robert F. Kennedy in ‘Hoffa’.

More Roles

Moreover, in 1993, Kevin Anderson actor net worth started gaining speed. He worked in ‘The Night We Never Met and Rising Sun‘.After a small pause, he returned in 1997 with two outstanding roles of ‘Peter Lewis’ in ‘A Thousand Acres’ and Jack Stillings in ‘Eye Of God’. Additionally, in 1998, he appeared in ‘Firelight’ and ‘Gregory’s two girls’ in 1999. 

Undoubtedly, Jumping into the 2000s era with a lot of fame around Kevin Anderson actor net worth filled his pockets to the fullest. In 2001, he performed the role of Hank Kirk in ‘The Doe Boy’. Additionally, he worked in ‘When Strangers Appear’ in 2002 with a bang. Furthermore, in 2006 and 2008, he worked as Mr. Arable in ‘Charlotte Web’ and performed in another short film the same year, ‘Dockweiler’.Finally, in 2013, Kevin played a judge role in ‘The Curse of Chunky’ and ‘John The Baptist’ in ‘Salomé. Eventually, his recent film was in 2014, ‘Heaven is for real’.


Apart from the exceptional film and theatre roles, Kevin Anderson actor net worth is a combo of his excellent tv performances as well. In 1985, he kickstarted his tv performance in ‘Miami Vice’ single episode. Moreover, in 1990, Kevin performed as Val Xavier in the TV movie ‘Orpheus Descending‘. In addition, for 1992-1993, he was called in for two different episodes in ‘The General Motors Playwrights Theater, ‘Nathan Hale’ and ‘The Wrong Man’.

Furthermore, in 1997 and 1998, Anderson acted in an exceptional tv series ‘Nothing Sacred’ for 20 episodes. He received a lot of admiration and recognition for the character of Father Francis Reyneaux. He was nominated for many awards for this particular drama.

Following this role, he consistently appeared on the TV screen until 2004 in different Tv series episodes and movies. Some are ‘The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer’, ‘Ruby’s Bucket of Blood’, ‘The FBI’ , ‘Files Monday Night Mayhem Power and ‘Beauty Skin’ and ‘Carry Me Home’. After a good six-year gap, Anderson performed in ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ as Frank Sullivan in the Torch episode.

Kevin Anderson Net Worth

With an excellent career, Anderson served the industry well through his roles. His inconsistent efforts and steadfast goals brought Kevin Anderson actor net worth to $10 Million. Moreover, Kevin never worked for fame but for his passion and desire to accomplish his dreams. The Chicago theatre company was the turning point of his life, and he got to work with the best people in the industry.

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