The Spark Of Lola Rodríguez Net Worth In The Entertainment Mob

Lola Rodríguez Net Worth

About Lola Rodríguez

Lola Rodríguez Diaz is a young Spanish transgender exceptional actress and model. The artist began her career in her early teens, and Lola Rodríguez net worth grew after her few hit Spanish and English series and films. Moreover, she is an LGBTQ rights activist with a strong social media following. Let’s know more about her!

Lola Rodríguez Biography

Total Net Worth$1 Million
Real NameLola Rodríguez Diaz
Born OnNovember 26, 1998
Place Of BirthLas Palmas Spain
ProfessionModel And Actress
Lola Rodríguez height5 Ft. 5”
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Early Life 

Lola Rodríguez Diaz was born in Las Palmas Spain on November 26, 1998.However, not much has been revealed about Lola Rodríguez early school education. Contrarily, at eleven, she recognized herself as a transgender person. As per Celebritythings research, she studied psychology at a Portugal college. While studying, she initiated her modeling and acting career in the very first year of her teens. With her parents’ unmatchable support, she confidently continued her transition process.


Lola Rodríguez is a Spanish model and actress. Initially, her career began in her teens when she was adapting to her new identity as a transgender person. In 2015, Lola Rodríguez net worth started to take an accurate turn. She was elected as the first transgender minor candidate for the tv show ‘Carnival of Las Palmas’ for the queen classification. The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a carnival celebrated since the 16th century in Spain. This event was marked as a festival recently within Icelandic history celebrated every February. Eventually, Lola was selected as the fourth maid of honor. Before Lola, Isabel Torres was the first transgender person to get the candidate position in the 2005 carnival.

LGBTQ Activists

Furthermore, apart from the entertainment industry chances, she supported LGBTQ rights. In 2015, she participated in the LGBT pride demonstration, where he delivered a speech. A pride parade is a dedicated event for the social and legal rights of bisexuals. Moreover, the festival celebrates the achievements and honors of the community. In 2018, Lola Rodríguez was a part of the Madrid LGBTQ parade as well. At that event, she wore a Valenrijn de hingh dress from 2016. It was called the Amsterdam rainbow dress, made of the flags of countries where LGBTQ is illegal.


Eventually, Lola Rodríguez body brought her to the screens to portray her acting talent. She got her first role in an HBO Max TV series ‘Veneno’ as Valeria Vegas in 2020. Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi directed 7 episodes of this series with Lola. This Spanish series was a hit that has helped the actress speak up for trans lives. Moreover, with her exceptional acting and good-looking features Atresplayer Premium channel offered her another ole in the same year. She acted in ‘Ellas’ for one special autobiographical episode.

In 2021, Lola Rodríguez net worth sprung up more when she acted as Claudia in ‘Poliamor para principiantes’.It is a Spanish-French comedy film in which a shy Youtuber guy Manu falls in love with Amanda, who practices polyamory with multiple other guys. Eventually, her most significant role was in the Netflix series, ‘Bienvenidos a Edén’ where she played the role of Maika.

Being an LGBTQ activist, her little but exceptional work has opened up multiple opportunities for the trans actress. She is a spokesperson for the LGBTQ community and a talented young artist. She is an LGBTQ activist and frequently posts promotional content on her social media profiles. Lola Rodríguez net worth is building alongside her fanbase. Moreover, her Netflix series has done wonders in the eyes of the audience. She has received immense support and appreciation.

Lola Rodríguez Personal Life

The actress Lola Rodríguez is quite professional about her work. She keeps her private life distant from the media and the public. Moreover, she is not ready to face any controversies regarding her career or personal life. Celebritythings research shows she is not in an open relationship with anyone. She is far from the chaos and wants to build a strong career and a solid future.

Lola Rodríguez Net Worth

The young actress has a long way to go in the entertainment industry—however, Lola Rodríguez Net Worth is $1 Million, just the trailer. The picture is yet to reveal her successful trans career. She is a true spirit speaking up for the trans community with courage. Moreover, there is a huge success coming Lola’s way as her previous acting series hit the box office to the greatest extent. She has proved that nothing can be a hurdle in your way until you make it your weakness.

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