The Shay Flake Net Worth Venture Out Of Her Husband

Shay Flake Net Worth

Shay Flake is an American glamorous actor, songwriter, and singer. She is best known for being Lawrence Saint-victor wife, who is an excellent actor and has a strong fanbase. Shay Flake net worth is an amalgamation of her multiple ventures that she follows in and posts on the feed.

Shay Flake Biography

Total Net Worth$1 Million
Real NameShay Flake
Married toLawrence Saint-Victor
Place Of BirthAmerica
ProfessionSongwriter, Singer  And Actress
Height5 Ft.
Updated: ✅

Early Life 

The Shay Flake Saint-Victor couple is more famous than Shay herself. However, Shay has not revealed much about her birth and personal life. However, Victor was born on June 14, 1982, in Rockland, New York. They both appeared in a show that brought them closer and has been acting in Hollywood ever since.


Shay Flake is a renowned American actress, singer, and songwriter. However, she has made very few screen appearances. As per Celebritythings research, Shay is tiny in the entertainment industry. Contrarily, her Instagram feed displays her interests and talents. To list down her screen appearances, she performed a role in Cain’s Mark. Initially, Shay Flake net worth takes a little part from her supporting roles.

In addition, she made another appearance in a 2016 video directed by Benita Robaldo. Moreover, her appearance in ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ tv show was a big hit. It was under William J. Bell, and Lee Philip Bell’s direction premiered on CBS. This show has a setting in the Los Angeles fashion world. Moreover, It is labelled as a soap opera focusings on the Forrester family’s lives and work environment. In addition, this was her recent appearance which took place in 2020. In addition, Shay got the featured voice for Chris Flower’s song ‘High’.

Lawrence Saint-Victor Wife

On the other hand, Shay Flake has a roundabout bounded career where she works in specific roles. Moreover, she is much famous for being Lawrence Saint Victor wife. He is a well-known actor who got featured in multiple movies and shows. The most famous is ‘Guiding Light’. Moreover, he was also a part of ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’, where he wrote his first-ever screenplay for the show in 2013.

Flake is more famous under her husband’s name. Furthermore, her singing career brought her enough money, but Shay Flake net worth is also amalgamated with that of Lawrence Saint-Victor. In addition, she lives a luxurious life alongside her family, as this is what her social media displays.

Shay Flake Personal Life

Shay Flake tied the knot with Lawrence Saint-Victor in 2007. They both were madly in love in college and have been so for a long time. By romanticizing their relationship in public, they gave some primary couple goals. Their residence was carried in Los Angeles as per the paparazzi. In addition, Lawrence Saint-Victor’s son, Christian Lavelle Saint-Victor, is a well-groomed little child adored by everyone in the fanbase as far as Lawrence Saint-Victor’s parents brought up a tremendous actor who built his fanbase on his actor skills.

Shay Flake Net Worth

With lots of success under Shay’s husband career and Shay’s limited yet exceptional participation in the industry, Shay Flake Net Worth was $1 Million. Moreover, she, alongside her husband, build the best of her wealth all over the industry. Her husband enjoys a $15 Million + net worth alongside a luxurious lifestyle as they both are excellent artists of the industry embraced by everyone.

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