The Octagon Agent Jeff Austin Net Worth In Years

Jeff Austin Net Worth

Jeff Austin is a former American tennis player and now serves as a sports agent for the Octagon basketball division. Jeff Austin Net Worth is an amalgamation of his Wimbledon prizes and Octagon contracts together. Belonging to a tennis-oriented family, he played for UCLA in his early tennis days and became a professional with time. However, he now heads as one of the best sports agents in the world, gathering millions—his client list. Law education and their former sports career make him an excellent recruiter and negotiator.

 Jeff Austin Biography

Total Net Worth$14.44 Million
Real NameWilliam Jeffery Austin
Born OnJuly 5, 1951
Place Of BirthMassachusetts Boston
ProfessionOctagon Sports Agent
Height5 Ft. 10”
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Early Life 

William Jeffery Austin was born in Massachusetts Boston, on July 5, 1951.  Jeff grew yo in a suburb of Los Angeles Amed Palos Verdes. His father was a nuclear scientist, while her mother worked at a tennis club. Here is when the tennis sport was inherited through the DNA. Austin, alongside his other siblings, knew they would be into professional tennis. Fortunately, all of the Austin siblings were talented and won the titles for the grand slam matches. 

Personal life

All of Austin’s sibling, including his sister is pro tennis players. Tracy has won two-time US Open championships, and his brothers played exceptional tennis in their college teams. In addition, Jeff Austin wife, Denise, is a fitness instructor. They tied the knot in 1983 and have two daughters now. Moreover, Austin’s mother worked at a tennis club as well. 

All the Austin siblings regularly played the balls on the court, making them champions. Moreover, Austin tennis net is a local nonprofit network for Texas tennis players. It plans to organize matches and tournaments of the single and double ladder. Furthermore, the rounds and tournament grand finale is determined after several rounds.


Initially, Austin started playing tennis in 1970 for the UCLA team at 12. He won the 71 NCAA championship in partnership with Connors. During his academic years, he used to play tennis as a mere sport. However, he started playing professionally after college. He participated in Wimbledon in 1973 and got t the third round. Eventually, he ranked this position no.52 across the world tennis player list.

Throughout his tennis career, Austin played four times in the American championships. In 1971 Jeff Austin Net Worth increased when he got the US Open junior title with a number two ranking. Moreover, he won the Wimbledon singles and doubles championships in 1973, finishing at number three ranking at Aptos Open. In addition, Jeff also bore good results in the Wimbledon doubles championships. However, in 1980, John teamed with his sister Tracy and won the title of Wimbledon Doubles.


Moreover, they were the first siblings who win a title together, creating history. Unfortunately, according to Celebritythings research, Jeff played professionally for around four years but was deteriorating. His performance got worse with time. Eventually, this was the time when he decided that tennis was not what he was made for. Austin sat down and stormed about his passion.

However, he decided that he was going to invest his money in real estate. Eventually, he invested all his prize money in South California property. Moreover, Austin collected the profits and enrolled in law school at UCLA. Furthermore, he got his degree in 1980. In the early days, he began his career as a litigation attorney. One day Austin was playing tennis at a Los Angeles club with his sister, and he met Denise. She was looking for space to run an aerobics class. Here is when their love story started as well.

Other Ventures

While he was working as an attorney, his brain cells were triggered again. After tying the knot with Denise, he moved to Washington, D.C. Austin got the offer in 1983 to become a sports agent. Being a former tennis player, he was approached by different people. Here is when his mind clicked. As per the interviews, Celebritythings finds out that Jeff Austin net worth did begin out of his tennis career as he was a good player but never acknowledged it. His sports ventures and legal education were the perfect combo for him to start his actual job.

In 1970, Austin got his first hiring from ProServ as a tent agent. However said he got the call out of references, and Jeff Austin net worth was on the go. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of his job, the firm dissolved. Later, he decided to go with Lee Fentress and company as an agent for ‘Advantage International’ now known as ‘Octagon.

Octagon Sports Agent

The former tennis player was eventually hired as an NBA agent, which was a huge accomplishment. With time, Jeff studied business and sorted out tricks to market the team. Moreover, he recruits and connects with people who have high-profile characters. Austin inked a $200 million contract with the Warriors recently. In addition, Austin hired Saratsus for Octagon. According to the team’s president, Austin is a humble and modest person working to his fullest as a sports agent.

Jeff Austin Net Worth

With former sports spirit as a tennis player, Jeff gained enough fame throughout his career. Playing four all-American seasons, Jeff Austin Net worth went into millions. Eventually, they invested the prize money into the estate and got hired as Octagon’s sports agent for the basketball division, after which his net worth reached $14 million+. In addition, he is admired by each of his clients, stating him an excellent recruiter and contractor building the right business for Octagon.

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