The Homeless Yet The Golden Ted Williams Voice Net Worth

Ted Williams Voice Net Worth

The internet sensation Ted Williams ‘The Golden Voice Man‘ has become the USA voice of the year. He gained millions of views on his video, where people loved his voice and that he was homeless and singing so well. Ted Williams voice net worth grew from his tremendous radio announcer job and later on his YouTube video.

Ted Williams Biography

Total Net Worth$6 Million
Real NameTheodore Fred Williams
Born OnSeptember 22, 1957
Place Of BirthBrooklyn, New York, U.S.
ProfessionVoice Over Artist
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Early Life 

Theodore Fred Williams was born on September 22, 1957, in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. He wanted to become a radio announcer. During a field trip to a radio station in 1971, he built interest in voice-over when he learned that a radio announcement differs entirely from a person. Luckily he was in the U.S. army for around three years. Moreover, he got grounded with honors and started attending classes for voice acting at the Ohio school of broadcasting.

As his voice was fine-tuned, he started working at various radio stations in different areas. Ted Williams voice net worth began with some of his early works, including the Columbus and north Carolina stations. This job brought him minor fame throughout his career, where Ted Williams voice net worth built a bit. Williams worked for WVKO in night shifts playing soul music during this time. Unfortunately, in 1996, he got into drugs, robbery, and alcohol, eventually leading to his homelessness.

On top of that, he also faced criminal charges and pedestrian solicitation charges. Williams was behind bars for many months, which took his life to the zero line. However, Williams became sober later on but kept shifting from living with his 9 children family and losing on the streets.


Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice net worth, did not start on the roads. He began his journey as an exceptional radio announcer. He had a god-gifted voice which he polished into a golden voice over the years. Although Ted wanted to become a part of the entertainment industry, he was unsure about his screen appearance. One day, Doral Chenoweth, a videographer, recorded Williams interview about his life and posted it on the news websites. During the interview, he stood on the pedestrian pass with cardboard in hand, requesting donations.

Moreover, he displayed his voice in the same video. Luckily he received millions of views and went viral in one day. He received so many donations and was revealed on a radio station promo. After he lost his radio station jobs earlier, this video opened up several gateways for Ted Williams voice net worth. His life took a 360 turn after this video. After a week of video success, he received donations, clothes, and job offers. Contrarily, Dr. Phil called him up, stating on the show that he would be in rehabilitation for the upcoming months.

The Rise Of Ted Williams

Eventually, he rose again in his career. In 2011, he was a lead-in for the first voice-over work. In the same year, he worked in ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ as a voice-over. Moreover, he worked in multiple campaigns and advertisements such as ‘Lean Forward’, ‘You Know You Love It: Dad In The Doghouse’, ‘The Soup’, ‘Houseless’, ‘Joy Of Pepsi’, and much more.

After his viral video, he got to make an appearance on CBS shows. Moreover, he received another opportunity from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Furthermore, he was interviewed to do a voice-over for raft foods. After 20 years, he started working steadily. Moreover, he co-founded the ‘Ted Williams’ project, a shelter for serving the homeless. Also, a fundraiser website named ‘TedWilliamsYourVoice‘ for supporting Ted Williams. He returned to the commercial shoot for Columbus radio station well.

In 2012, as per Celebritythings research, Williams prompted a YouTube campaign for ‘Kraft Mac & Cheese‘. However, he was entitled to ‘The Golden Voice Of Love’. Eventually, he started working for the company as a permanent artist. In addition, he also wrote a book covering all his struggles and achievements throughout his life. Furthermore, Ted Williams voice net worth built up when he narrated his film ‘Houseless‘ on a live show. In 2018, he started working in a reality show ‘Second Chance’ and is happy to continue his career.

Ted Williams Golden Voice Net Worth

Nobody believes how a man with such a beautiful voice could suffer homelessly. Fortunately, Ted Williams voice net worth sprang up after his homeless videos. Moreover, he built his $6 million net worth eventually. He repented upon his mistakes and grew up back in the industry. Williams voice is no less than therapy. However, he used his golden voice to play magic against the audience.

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