The Edges Of José María Yazpik Height In The Film Industry

José María Yazpik Height

About José María Yazpik

José yazpik is a millionaire multitalented Mexican actor who has been an icon since the late 1900s. From memorable television roles to tremendous film appearances, he has proved himself and fulfilled his goals that were late but right for his success. Moreover, josé maría yazpik height brought him a lot of villainous roles for which he became famous. Apart from his best performances, he received the grand jury prize at the Miami film festival for his performances. 

Jose Maria Yazpik Biography

Total Net Worth$9 Million
Real NameJosé María Yazpik
Born OnNovember 13, 1970
Place Of BirthMexico
Height 6 Ft. 3”

Early Life

José María Yazpik was born on November 13,1970 in Mexico. The Mexican boy was born to Jose Maria Meza, a gynecologist, and Christina Yazpik, a housemaker. When Jose Yazpik was early, his family moved to San Diego, California. They were well settled in La Jolla, a solid wealthy district of San Diego.

Yazpik’s father started his practice in Tijuana. During this time, Yazpik and his brother were enrolled in St. Augustine High school, controlled by priests. Unfortunately, his father’s career experienced a severe downfall, so the family had to return to Tijuana. During this crucial period, his mother, Christina, started a job to support the family financially. On the other hand, Jose Yazpik and his brother continued their high school studies in san Diego.

The Flips Of Yazpik

In addition, Yazpik could have been a better academic student but was passionate about sports. The latter saved him from suspension from school. Being the personality of indecisive boots, Yazpik was not sure about his career path. He enrolled at Universidad Iberoamericana to study communication but left after three months. Moreover, he also enrolled at the university of Baja California but struggled with his academics again.

Eventually, one of his teachers pinpointed his theatre talent. He ultimately gave it a thought and considered the career to show his natural skills and talents. His first acting job was through his father’s reference in the movie ‘The Brute With The Angel Of Death’. After that, Yazpik moved to Mexico and studied television at CEA. After graduating, Jose Maria Yazpik was approached for minor youth soap opera television roles. Although unhappy with such supporting roles, he eventually performed outside the contract.

Television Roles

Furthermore, his debut in screen roles was in ‘The Dove 1995’ television soap opera. The production of this show stopped as of the star actor’s death. In 1996, Yazpik acted in his second television novel ‘Song Of Love’. The following year, José María Yazpik height made him capture other villain television roles in ‘Pueblo Chico’, and Infiern Grande’ belomging to the same director.

Similarly, in 1998 he played ‘Rene’ in‘ Ángela’ and acted in ‘Life in the mirror’ in 1999.In the 2000s, Jose yazpik, also known as Chema yazpik, performed in ‘All for love’, a TV movie ‘Fidel’ and ‘Heads Or Tails’ in 2002. After a good break, he returned to the small screen with a role in ‘Cries Of Death And Freedom’ in 2010. Moreover, his hit Netflix series ‘Narcos 2017’ and ‘Narcos Mexico 2018-20’ brought massive success in the actor’s life. He worked in all seasons as a narcotics trafficker and gained the audience’s attention.

José María Yazpik Filmography

As far as the filmography is concerned, working in the excellent character’s shoes taking advantage of José María Yazpik height, the spotlight was on him. He has played numerous roles in films. He made his film debut with ‘Última llamada’ in 1996. Eventually, side by side with tv roles, he started getting back-to-back roles in films. Beginning with minor roles in ‘Talk To her’ and ‘The Blue Room’ in 2002, he proved his acting skills in short films such as ‘Tiro De Gracia’ and other films like ‘Sin ton ni Sonia‘ and ‘Shot of Grace’ in 2003.

In addition, he worked in five consecutive films, ‘Nicotina, Bad Educatio, Crónicas, Pata de Gallo, and Voces Inocentes‘ in 2004. Moreover, he performed in the romantic film ‘Sueño’ in 2005. Furthermore, in 2006 he again performed in five films such as‘ Las vueltas del Cirillo, Solo Dios sabe, Matapájaros , Un mundo maravilloso‘ and ‘Last Call’. From 2007 to 2010, José María Yazpik height in feet brought him to diverse roles in about eight films. Some are ‘Borderland’, ‘The Burning Plain’, ‘Just Walking’, ‘El Atentado’ and others.

Other Films

Many other producers reached out to Yazpik between 2012-2014 for films like ‘Morelos’, ‘Tijuana, te amo,’  I’m So Excited, Fighting for Freedom, The Obscure Spring and others. Consequently, 2014 was the breakthrough year of the actor, after which people started recognising his face more. Furthermore, in 2016, he played ‘payo’ in the film ‘Mr Big’; from 2017-2023, he worked in ‘Everybody Loves Somebody,’ Polvo, ‘There Are No Saints’ and Providence’.

Jose Yazpik Family

Although Jose maria yazpik was born into a wealthy family, some financial kicks caused their downfall. Yazpik’s family constantly migrated between cities to find the right place for their welfare. Eventually, Yazpik did odd jobs and took loans for his education. Although chema yazpik has been dating a Mexican actress, Iliana fox, for two years, and they have a daughter Leonor yazpik together. She is also a Mexican actress who performs roles in different television series. Unfortunately, they both parted ways after some time, and yazpik is currently single. Moreover, he has yet to reveal much about his romantic life.

José María Yazpik Net Worth

As the talented actor José María Yazpik identified his natural talents and the eight paths for himself at an early age, for this reason, José María Yazpik Net Worth is now around $9 Million. Despite José María Yazpik age being 50+, he still is the most admired actor in the film industry. He has a vast working experience in the acting industry and has proven himself the best Mexican performer on screen.

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