Sam Sneed Net Worth- A Look Into The Legendary Rapper Life

Sam Sneed Net Worth

A great rapper like Sam Sneed doesn’t need any introduction. He is among one of the top names in rap music. Moreover, the world-renowned rapper has produced some of the most hit rap songs. With an exceptional career spanning more than three decades, Sam Sneed Net Worth speaks of his devotion and hard work. Celebritythings brings you a look down into the rapper’s fantastic music career and net worth, which the artist achieved through his constant dedication to the hip-hop music industry. 

Sam Sneed Biography 

Total Net Worth$4 Million
Real Name Samuel D. Anderson
Born OnFebruary 29, 1968
Place Of Birth McKeesport, Pennsylvania, U.S
Profession Rapper & Producer
Height5 Ft.11”
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Early Life

Samuel D. Anderson, aka Sam Sneed, was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, on February 29, 1968. He originally belongs to Los Angeles, California. Sneed is an American rapper and producer. Although raised in a rough neighborhood, he was determined to become a musician. And so he did!  Sneed used to play piano at an early age. And he started writing his songs when he was a teen. In the early 1990s, the rapper was discovered by one of the founding members of the record label ‘Death Row Records’, ‘Dr. Dre.’ And that was the turning point in Sam Sneed net worth, which has continued to rise ever since. Moreover, he contributed to Dr. Dre’s platinum-certified album ‘The Chronic.’ And since then, the artist achieved well-deserved success. He collaborated with other top artists like MC Ren, Tupac Shakur, and Ice Cube. 


Sam Sneed’s career took a huge turn when he released his first-ever single, ‘U Better Recognize,’ in 1994. The song featured Dr. Dre of Death Row Records. Moreover, the song instantly became a huge success and ranked at number 16 on Billboard’s Maxi-Singles Sales / Hot Dance Music chart. The song was also featured in the ‘Murder Was The Case’ soundtrack. For the Hot Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, the song was rated number 48 on the Billboard charts. Moreover, he became so popular that he was known for his catchline in the song, ‘My name is Sam Sneed, you better recognize!’ Besides this enormous success, the rapper co-produced the all-time iconic songs, ‘Natural Born Killaz’ and ‘Keep Their Heads Ringin.’ Sneed also worked with Dr. Dre to produce several songs. For Dr. Dre’s album ‘The Chronic,’ he worked on the album’s production for a number of songs. Moreover, some of these top songs include ‘Lil’ Ghetto Boy’ and ‘Stranded on Death Row.’ His production skills helped this album sell over 5 million copies in the US alone. Besides, this album marked his first-ever commercial success in the industry. 

Furthermore, in 1996, he collaborated with his band, the Street Scholars, to record an album for Death Row Records. However, the album has never been released. Unfortunately, Sneed’s career was temporarily discontinued in 1999 as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. But that didn’t stop the rapper from achieving his dreams. Since he recovered, Sneed continued to be active as a hip-hop rapper and producer. Moreover, he produced some of the best songs for other artists like Jay-Z, G-Unit, and many more. Sneed also started his own company ‘Nustarz Entertainment,’ with his business partner, Craig Stretch Mason. This record label features other artists like Money Ink, Boy Goldy, etc. 

The Rise Of The Great Rapper

After so many incredible projects, Sam Sneed continued to rise to the heights of fame. Sam Sneed rapper has created some of the finest works of his life after recording the hit ‘U Better Recognize.’ These great tracks include ‘Come When I Call’  and ‘Lady Heroin’ 1994. Moreover, these songs helped him cement a true legacy as one of the top rappers of all time. Sneed also produced songs like ‘I Can’t Hold Back’ in 1992, performed by K-Solo. Other of his famous productions include ‘Anything,’ in 2000, ‘Curious,’ in 2005, ‘What Comes Around – The Matirx,’ and so on. Sneed also worked on solo projects, but they have not been as monetarily successful as his work as a producer. However, his solo work has allowed him to demonstrate his outstanding skills as a great rapper and lyricist. 

Sam Sneed’s Legacy 

A committed artist like Sam Sneed is sure to leave behind a legacy that will live on for many years. With so many hit rap songs, he has created a long-lasting impact on many artists in the hip-hop industry. Moreover, Sam Sneed net worth and well-deserved fame show that challenges can’t stop you from achieving what you want. Indeed, his true legacy is the top-notch music he has created over the years. 

Sam Sneed Net Worth 

Undoubtedly, Sam Sneed has created a new way for many other aspiring artists. He has achieved so much in such a short period. Sam Sneed net worth is $4 million, as per Celebritythings research, which is proof of his immense hard work and talent. Since his debut, the artist has produced the world’s most iconic hit songs in the rap industry. Sneed’s legacy continues to inspire future artists. Moreover, his extraordinary career is a testament to his exceptional talent and commitment to his work. 

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