Michael DeLuise Net Worth – Another Hero Of The DeLuise Heritage

Michael Deluise Net Worth

Michael DeLuise is a multifaceted actor, producer, and director who followed up on the heritage of his artistic family. His spotlight roles in multiple movies and tv series brought Michael DeLuise net worth and fame. Moreover, his most famous roles have occurred alongside his actor siblings. The young artist made millions, and Celebritythings figured out how he made it to this point! 

Michael DeLuise Biography

Total Net Worth$10 Million
Real NameMichael Robert DeLuise
Born On August 4, 1969
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California
ProfessionActor, Producer, And Director
Height5 Ft. 8”
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Early Life 

Michael Robert DeLuise was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 4, 1969. He was born into a talented media-oriented family. His father was an actor, director, and comedian; his mother was a director and actor. As the blood of media runs in his family, he makes his debut in his early childhood. At the age of 10, Michael DeLuise net worth took the first rise. His first appearance was in ‘Hot stuff’, a comedy drama. His father was the star in the drama for which he got the edge to bring his face to the screen. Following that, Mike Deluise got back to his education after his appearance. He studied at a local high school in his town. He was a big fan of playing soccer and football, which he did at his high school. After graduating in 1987, he committed to following the acting line.


Undoubtedly, after Michael DeLuise’s debut as a child actor, he was in the eyes of some prominent directors and producers. The reason behind his extraordinary interest in the field was his environment. As he grew up in the particular environment of media, he was sure about his end goals and career path. Ultimately, in 1990, he landed his first television lead role. He got starred with his actor brother Peter DeLuise.In addition, the DeLuise family appeared in many series and films together on screen.


Initially, the long struggle between television and film roles simultaneously brought a cause to the fine actor Michael DeLuise net worth. In 1983, he acted in the television movie ‘Happy’.Moreover, his acting journey started with his performance in one or two episodes of multiple television series. In 1985, he appeared in the anthology tv series Amazing Stories, while in 1986, his role as Brian Hatton in the sitcom ‘One Big Family’ was a success too.

Additionally, in 1988 he got two different television roles in ‘Eisenhower and Lutz’ and ‘My Two Dads’.Moreover, in 1989, he successfully landed roles in ‘One Of The Boys’ and ‘TV 101’.Contrarily, in the same year, he acted in the television movie ‘Class Cruise’. After all these tidbit roles, Mike Deluise landed a role in the American police TV series ’21 Jump Street’ on FOX network from 1987-1991.

 In 1990, he also appeared in two episodes of ‘Sunset Beat’ and one episode of the legal drama ‘L.A. Law’.Besides that, in the 1900s, the actor worked in ten TV series. Some of the best roles are in the science fiction SeaQuest DSV for 34 episodes, in the police drama Brooklyn South and 3rd rock from the south.

Apart from this, in 2001 Michael DeLuise performed his excellent roles in ‘Some Of My Best Friends’ and ‘Stargate SG 1’.Moreover, from 2003 and 2004, Mike acted in ‘The Dan show’,’ Las Vegas’ and ‘Lost’.Especially the ‘Gilmore Girls’ role of T.J. lasted from 2004 to 2007 until 13 episodes. Moreover, in the next two years, the television movie ‘Bloodsuckers’ and ‘CSI: NY’ was huge success for the actor’s career. Particularly, ‘Bun heads‘ in 2013 brought Mike Deluise personality to more light in the industry.


Subsequently, in 1991, the exceptional artist Michael DeLuise net worth took another positive turn. After his childhood film appearance, he performed his first role in ‘Little secrets’.Following that, many producers and directors approached Mike Deluise for dynamic roles in 1992. He performed roles in comedies like ‘Wayne’s World’ and ‘Encino man’.However, he was an actor and director for the movies ‘Stringer’ and ‘Almost pregnant’. Here is when he involved himself in multiple other fields of the film industry.

In 1993, Michael DeLuise received three nominations for ‘The Man Without A Face’.Following this year, Mike performed various film roles in the 1900s. Some of his films include ‘Midnight Edition’, ‘The Shot’ and ‘Hard Time: The Premonition’.

In 2001, Michael made another outstanding performance in ‘Discord’ as Billy Dunbarton. Moreover, in 2002, his businessman role in ‘The Master Of Disguise’ was also a stage hit. In the following years, the actor performed in films such as ‘Between the Sheets, Comedy Hell’, ‘He Was a Quiet Man Patsy’, ‘Circle’ and ‘The Shift’.

Production And Direction

Despite being a tremendous actor, a significant chunk of Michael DeLuise net worth comes from his direction and production talents. He involved himself in magical movies that brought him fame as an all-rounder in the film industry. Initially, he directed three movies in his lifetime. His first two films where he acted ad directed were in 1992, including ‘Almost Pregnant’ comedy and the thriller ‘Stringer’.

In addition, he directed another comedy, ‘Between the sheets, in 2003. Alternatively, he was the executive producer for the comedy film ‘Between the sheets’.Additionally, he produced the short drama ‘Quid Pro Quo’ in 2006. As a multitalented individual, he experimented with a music documentary, ‘The Source Daily’ in 2012.

Michael DeLuise Family

As per the family ties of the artist, Michael belongs to a full fledge media background. His siblings, David DeLuise and Peter DeLuise are both actors, and the latter is a writer. Moreover, their father, Dom DeLuise, was an American actor, director, and comedian. He is best known for his ‘Fail safe’,’ Blazing Saddles’, and ‘Candid Camera’ roles. Contrarily, his mother, Carol Arthur, is an actress and producer.

All of the hidden talents and skills of Mike come through inheritance. Contrarily, Michael DeLuise is secretive about his romantic relationship. He is rumored to fall in love with the American actress, producer, and director Sherrie Rose. She worked in several genres, including horror, action, and thrillers. However, no one knows what the actor has inside his love life.

Michael Deluise Net Worth

The entire career of the artist Michael DeLuise owes the credit t the entire DeLuise family. Michael Deluise’s net worth is around $10 Million. Through hard work, the artist has proved to himself that it is not only the blood that runs but also the self talents. Moreover, Mike’s family is full of gems, ultimately spotlighting the artist’s personality. Also, he did not let down the family legacy and won the audience’s hearts.

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