Hasbulla Net Worth-Unraveling The Rise Of The Internet Sensation

Hasbulla Net Worth

In this digital world, people like Hasbulla have portrayed their talents through social media platforms. He is a Russian Muslim who amazed social media fame after collaborations with high-profile celebrities. At length, Celebritythings found out that Hasbulla Net Worth reached millions capturing billions of hearts across the globe through viral social media videos, MMA, and multiple other ventures.

Hasbulla Biography

Total Net Worth$2 Millon+
Real NameHasbulla Magomedovich Magomedov
Born OnJuly 7 2002
Place Of BirthMakhachkala, Dagestan, Russia.
ProfessionUFC Fighter & Social Media Influencer
Height3 Ft.4”

Who Is Hasbulla Magomedov?

Hasbulla Magomedovich Magomedov was born on July 7, 2002, in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia. He is a famous Russian social media sensation. Moreover, people mostly call him Hasbi and Hasbik. He is a Muslim and grew up in the Russian Republic of Makhachkala. Being a rebel from the beginning, Hasbulla Hushetskiy never let his condition come in between his never-ending success.

As per Hasbulla interviews, he never liked the Islamic school. He drove 200 kilometers alongside a friend to escape school and started creating videos for social media platforms. Moreover, Hasbulla is immensely interested in learning defense mechanisms, driving sports cars, shooting, and playing pranks. Being an animal lover, Habullah has a Scottish fold cat named Barsik.In addition, his vintage car Lada Riva is his ultimate love which he calls Amerika.

Hasbulla Hushetskiy Background

The charismatic internet personality has been in multiple ventures that caused his fame to rise to peaks. After getting viral on a TikTok video, Habulla’s videos spread like fire across the globe. In addition, Hasbulla net worth started to build up when he used to make videos of eating food and calling out names of the particular meals e had. His first viral video was when he drove a scooter and made a young person know about the covid restrictions. His other video, where he ate strawberries, went viral online. However, the video with the highest number of views was the ‘Burgir’ one. Moreover, every other individual loved to copy his style, and eventually, he captured millions of hearts around him.

Hasbulla has become a renowned personality because he has a cute vibe and a rigid personality. Furthermore, Hasbulla Wiki shows he has a condition called ‘Dwarfism’ due to growth hormone deficiency. He is 3 Ft. 4″ tall and weighs only 18 kg. Although Hasbulla disease lies in his genes, his sister also has the same deficiency. Hasbulla has always been hopeful less about the doctors who never gave him a definite statement about his disease and its treatment. Contrarily, in previous years, Hasbulla had controversies with Uzbek Erali and Abdu Rozik, which also made headlines on the internet. Eventually, at the end of 2022, hasbulla net worth reached another milestone. He inked a five-year promotional contract with UFC.In addition, Hasbulla has celerity fandom, including Donald Trump, Drake, and Shaq.

Hasbulla UFC Journey 

After gaining a lot of fame in the industry, he decided to run on another adventure marking milestones in his career. Hasbulla net worth reached millions in a short span of 2 years. However, his passion for combat sports and his optimistic personality made way for him in Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC). His step up in the fighting arena raised curiosity among the fans, and he was admired a lot after his UFC venture. Moreover, he stepped into this octagon and devoted every bit of his body to training hard. He got coaching from renowned trainers and got into grappling, wrestling, and striking.

Furthermore, Hasbulla is consistent and works hard to improve himself in the league. Additionally, Hasbulla has been breaking many stereotypes and has crossed many boundaries, irrespective of his condition. Apart from his physical restrictions, his decision to compete in UFC shows his spirit in life. He has gained much attention in the MMA community and has been acing his UFC journey. All of this together made Hasbulla net worth mold into millions. He has been an empowered human who has taught millions of people who feel marginalized to stand up for themselves and win the race.

Why Did Hasbulla Instagram Get Banned?

Hasbulla gained much fame on his Instagram and TikTok as his videos were posted on both platforms and received equal love. Previously, it was rumored that Hasbulla Instagram was banned as he violated the platform’s community guidelines. Hasbulla was found guilty of targeted harassment, due to which the Instagram community restricted his account. Hasbulla faced a backlash due to the temporary suspension of his account.

It was said that Hasbulla sent death threats to a woman through Instagram DM, which later on was sorted out by his legal team. His fan base was chaotic as he is a significant content creator and an Instagram influencer. There was a huge disruption in his engagement, and he also faced a loss of followers. At present, Hasbulla posts many UFC videos and rose to fame when he posts videos where his bonding with the legend Khabib Nurmagomedov is evident.

How Old Is Hasbulla?

Although nobody is sure about Hasbulla age, as per the internet resources, he is considered to be in his 20s. However, no certainty can be provided about his s sensitive information. Besides being such a young human, he has captured the internet in months. He has developed a unique personality and gained much fame and achievements throughout his career.

Hasbulla Net Worth

Hasbulla has just been in the industry for the past few years, but he has gained a lot of freedom. Being an inspiration to many people, Hasbulla net worth is $2 million+ approximately. His personality and ventures have collectively contributed to his financial and internet success. Moreover, Celebritythings analyzed that he has amassed many social media followers, works as a band ambassador, and does paid promotions for renowned companies. Additionally, he made a lot of money after his UFC contracts, endorsements, and even guest appearances. In a nutshell, he is all geared up to build a positive impact in the future.


Is Hasbulla Disease Curable?

According to world-renowned doctors,  Hasbulla disease dwarfism can be controlled if diagnosed properly in early childhood. However, it is not a disease but a condition affecting physical stature.

What Is Hasbulla Lifespan?

There is no certainty about Hasbulla age or lifespan. However, medical experts state that people having the dwarfism condition likely die as young as 41 or reach 81, respectively.

How Much Money Does Hasbulla Make?

The internet sensation  Hasbulla net worth has elevated to $2 Million+, which he gathered from NFTs.Crypto, UFC contracts, and social media videos altogether.

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