Gloria Hendry Net Worth – The ‘Playboy’ Model Voyage To ‘007’

Gloria Hendry is a former playboy model and the first African American female black actress in the James bond series. She grew up with a significant interest in the industry and eventually became a solid artist in the film industry. Moreover, she worked in diverse films of the blaxploitation era. Additionally, Gloria Hendry net worth packed a robust baggage through her few notable film roles.

Gloria Hendry Biography

Total Networth$3 Million to $5 Miilion
Real NameGloria Hendry
Born OnMarch 3 ,1949
Place Of BirthJacksonville ,Florida
Annual Salary$400,000
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Early life 

Gloria Hendry was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on March 3, 1949. She grew up in Newark, New Jersey, at her grandparent’s place. Moreover, she completed her education at Essex College of Business law. During her early childhood, she often attended concerts and watched plays with her family. She used to participate in different dramas and choirs in her school days. At the age of 19, Gloria initiated her acting career. Within a brief period, Gloria achieved fame through her characters.

Gloria Hendry Career

Gloria started her career in 1965 and worked as a model at the NewYork Playboy club. As ‘Playboy bunny’ until 1972. Eventually, in 1968, Gloria got her first role in ‘Love of Ivy’. She also got a minor role in ‘The landlord’ in 1970. After three years, Hendry received the character, which was the turning point of her life. She worked as Rosie Carver in the James Bond film ‘Live Let Die’. Undoubtedly she became the first African American woman who worked in 007.

Following up, many other directors and producers started approaching Gloria. Moreover, she appeared in blaxploitation films. Some are ‘Slaughter’s Big Rip Off’, ‘Black Caesar’, ‘Hell Up In Harlem’ and ‘Black Belt Jones’.

Later, she also worked in ‘Savage sisters and Bare Knuckles’. Hendry also showed her versatility through working in different genres. She appeared in the horror films ‘Pumpkin head II: Blood wings’ and ‘Freaky Deaky’, an action comedy. From 2008 to 2021, Hendry played dynamic roles in films such as ‘Man in the mirror’, ‘A Brother’s Honor’ and ‘Snow Black’.

About ‘Live And Let Die’

A 1973 spy film of the ‘James Bond Series’ belongs to Eon production. Ian Flemings’s 1954 novel inspires this film. The plot includes a Harlem drug lord ‘Mr. Big’ who wants to become a sole drug supplier. He was revealed as a counter-character of a corrupt Caribbean dictator Dr. Kananga. This film was released in the blaxploitation era. The film’s central theme is ‘Drug and heroine trafficking’. Moreover, it focuses on African American cultures.

Following this format, Gloria Hendry net worth picked the primary piece of wealth from this film, making her first girl appearance in James bind series. This film was a huge success and experienced major positive reviews too. Additionally, its original song was nominated for Academy Awards for best original song.

Gloria Hendry Net Worth

Being the first African American woman, Gloria Hendry’s net worth is between $3 Million to $5 Million. She collected most of her wealth from her acting career and 007 fame. In her far-long acting career, she gained significant attention through her race and women’s power in the James Bond series. Her massive success was from a single hit film, after which she became a star icon. Additionally, she has an expanded social media following as well. Hendry is a true spiritual actress who proved herself through an exclusive character in bond’s series. Additionally, her other characters promoted the African American culture and highlighted the cliché of that time.

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