Gary Null Net Worth – The Pseudoscientific Advocate And Author

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Garry Null is an American practitioner, host, and tremendous author. He presented alternative and unique treatments for medical therapies and diseases. Garry presents his views at odds stating that nutritional diets are more critical than mainstream medications. Receiving multiple awards and criticism hand in hand, Gary null net worth raised millions as an outcome of his firm standings for the medical viewpoints.

Gary Null Biography

Total Net Worth$15 Million
Real NameGary Michael Null
Born OnJanuary 6, 1945
Place Of BirthParkersburg, West Virginia
ProfessionPractitioner, Producer And Author
Annual Salary $400,000+
Updated: ✅

 Early Life

Gary Michael Null was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, on January 6, 1945. However, not much has been disclosed about Null’s family details. However, his mother died from a hemolytic transfusion reaction(HTR). Garry attended Mountain State College and later completed a business administration associate degree. Nul attended Thomas Edison State College, receiving a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition.

Garry worked part-time as a cook, which aggravated his interest in food and nutrition. In 1989, he also completed a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health sciences from Union Institute &University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Null is antagonistic to physicians and medical experts. For him, the pharmaceutical industries only work for economic advantages rather than preventing diseases and illnesses among people.

Gary Null About Medicine

According to Gary, diseases are caused due to deficiencies and can be fulfilled with nutritional supplements. Null prescribed Gerson, Krebiozen, and Laetrile therapy instead of standard therapies for cancer treatment.

Gary Null Researches

In 1979 and 1980, Null worked on other cancer research for the penthouse titled ‘The Politics Of Cancer’. Following up, he revealed ‘The Great Cancer Fraud’ which stated that the traditional cancer treatments are killing patients and the poor therapies intensify the disease. In 1985 Null wrote a series of reports with the title Medical Genocide’. He mentioned in a report that traditional medicine is ineffective in treating different diseases. In addition, he also promoted alternative treatments for cancer not limited to old-school therapies only.


Throughout his lifetime, null owned diverse businesses selling nutritional supplements for multiple disorders and diseases. Moreover, he runs an organic farm, a natural gourmet restaurant, and a wellness retreat, adding to Gary null net worth. Additionally, Null also glossed over HIV/AIDS diet-based treatments. Moreover, he also discredited that Hiv plays a role in Aids theory. Furthermore, Garry null has a US-based company named ‘Garry Null And Associates Inc.’, which sells natural health products, supplements,and other items.


Null is the author of numerous medical books. He wrote 70 best-selling books, one of which was ‘AIDS’. In the book, he promoted dietary supplements for AIDS instead of ART medicines. In addition, his other written works are ‘The Complete Handbook Of Nutrition’, ‘How To Turn Ideas Into Dollars’, Complete Guide To Health And Nutrition’,’ 7 Steps To Overcoming Arthritis And Back Pain’, and others. Additionally, Null produced many works for reversing the aging phenomenon. Out of all the criticism he faced from other practitioners, he published multiple works with unique focuses that made people think once over.

Gary Null Personal Life

Being a doctor, Garry has always been loyal to his profession and reveals less about his personal life. Based on media reports, Gary null wife named, Shelly Null, was seen with him on different occasions. However, it is not sure whether they are still together. Moreover, Shelly, Gary null wife, is a good cook and publishes cookbooks. Moreover, it is reported that they are a family with four children.


Gary null bio is full of his career shenanigans. Initially, he served at the NewYork College of chiropractic and the new school for social research. Furthermore, he was positioned as the Nutrition Institute of new york director. Also, Null is the founder of the Health and nutrition certificate program. Moreover, he is also an HIV/AIDS denialist and served as a central speaker for the 2009 H1N1 influence vaccination.

Media Work

Within the nutrition education investigation reporting, Null also broadcasted many TV and Radio shows. In 1980, Garry collaborated on a radio talk show, ‘Natural Living With Garry Null’. This show broadcasted on WBAI, Voice America Network, and all over the web. Similarly, in 2005, he hosted ‘The Garry Null Show’. This, too, brought maximum revenues for WBAI Circa breaking previous records. Until 2019, this show called authentic guests conveyed scientific information and advice for ordinary people.


Additionally, he also self-produced documentary-based films which were aired on PBS. The foundation of the films was personal health. Policies for public and medical development. In 2012, he released ‘Seeds of death’, which was criticized as hazardous information. Following up in 2014, he became a writer, director, and producer.

Some of his films include Gulf War Syndrome, Made in the USA, and Provert Inc. These films proved profitable for PBS to a great extent, but Garry was criticized for being a quack too. Furthermore, he also created an audio-visual media to drop the misinterpretations about HIV tests and AIDS. Another view that Null presented was that HIV is not a cause of AIDS.

Gary Null Acheivements

New York Times Best Selling Author
Consumer Education Award
Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award
Humanitarian Award
Award of excellence

YouTube Gary Null

Garry Null’ YouTube channel ‘The progressive Radio Network’ has almost 25K subscribers, another source of Gary null net worth. Gary null YouTube video is about life and its experiences which he narrates himself. He begins his videos based on new studies and research and conveys his advice, opinions, and experiences. He mostly posts part-based videos such as ‘Taking control of your life’. Moreover, his shows and broadcasts have also been uploaded in particular playlists for the audience.

Gary Null Net Worth

Garry, as a practitioner, has been active in diverse areas and fields throughout his lifelong career. Besides medical research, Gary null net worth, which is $15Million combines multiple books, documentaries, and broadcast shows for TV and Radio. Garry received a Ph.D. and was a professor and director at different institutes. He researched and presented his medical views through different media and authorship works. Moreover, he is also a part of the American association board. Apart from criticism for his uncertain medical advice and views, Garry still comes under Millionaire practitioners and has loads of medical experience.

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