Dennis Locorriere Net Worth As An Atypical  Pop Artist 

Dennis Locorriere Net Worth

About Dennis Locorriere

Dennis Locorriere is an award-winning American singer and songwriter from Jersey. He implanted his musical talents in early 1970, and Dennis Locorriere net worth sprung up into millions out of his solo and lived albums. Moreover, his outstanding songwriting, concerts and compilations brought him more fame.

Dennis Locorriere Biography

Total Net Worth$18 Million
Real NameDennis Michael Locorriere
Born On June 13, 1949
Place Of Birthnew jersey
ProfessionSinger  And Song Writer
Updated: ✅

Early Life 

Dennis Micael Locorriere was born on June 13, 1949, in new jersey. He initiated his career at the age of 19. Dennis is a 70s hero famous for a trademark pop band. Dennis Locorriere net worth is a clear amalgamation of his successful pop band Dr. Hook and The medicine show. As per Celebritythings, he is the wealthiest pop singer from jersey. He has been the lead artist of the pop band since 1969. Undoubtedly, Dennis has been declared an exceptional artist from his early career days. He shifted his residence from Jersey to Sus, England. His genre of pop singing brought him to the top of the singer list.

Dennis Locorriere Personal Life

As a professional music artist, Locorriere separated his personal and white-collar life. As per the sneak Celebtritythings research, Dennis Locorriere partner at present is a British woman, and they both live together in west Sussex. It is rumoured that she is Dennis’s third wife. Contrarily, Dennis Locorriere family includes his beloved parents, Ruth Locorriere and Leonard Locorriere. Moreover, people still wonder, ‘is Dennis Locorriere still married?’ To clarify this, the artist states that Mary Ann is his wife, living happily with their four-year-old boy Jesse James Locorriere.


Locorriere is a solo career holder and has released many songs he wrote. As an excellent vocalist and writer, Dennis Locorriere net worth is built up on the verge of these skills. He made his name out of his company and solo albums. Locorriere wrote many songs that many big names recorded under their supervision.

Dennis Locorriere net worth took another turn when Helen Reddy, Bob Dylan, Olivia newton john and others recorded his multiple debut songs. After his trademark ownership for the company, he received around 60 gold and platinum singles. Furthermore, the rich artist gained number-one status within 40+ countries for many of his songs.

Dennis Locorriere Songs

Being a heartfelt songwriter, Locorriere got his multiple songs recorded by BJ Thomas, Willie Nelson, and Jerry Lee Lewis after his ‘Last man standin’ release. Throughout the world, Locorriere’s music company tours the whole world playing the name ‘Dr. Hook’.

In 2000, Locorriere released a studio album ‘Out Of The Dark’ in which he successfully added on some hit track records of the era. Moreover, in 2005, another album, ‘One Of The Lucky Ones’ 2005, built Dennis Locorriere net worth. His third album sprung out after another five years, entitled ‘Post Cool’, which drew the audience’s attention to a wider extent. His solo albums incorporate his new and past performances altogether.

Live Albums

Furthermore, the incredible artist drew out some outstanding live albums in th early 2000s. Initially, he released ‘Alone with…‘ as his first live album, and after a two-year gap, he was involved again with the album ‘Live in Liverpool’. Moreover, he released ‘Post cool life’ in 2011, which the audience admired to the fullest. Apart from his kidney illness in 2019, he continued his career to enlighten his fans.In a nutshell, Dennis Locorriere net worth is yet in its growing phase as his recent album, ‘The Voice Of Dr. Hook-Vinyl’ in 2021, was another massive hit.

In the mid-2000s, people loved playing DVDs and listening to the music that Locorrire released. However, in 2006, he taped a DVD for ‘Alone with Dennis Locorrire’, which people loved to the fullest. Moreover, in 2007, the ‘Hits And History Tour Live’ DVD excelled in the music era and brought the audience to its groove. Eventually, in 2011, his solo album ‘Post Cool Ice‘ was also transformed into a DVD that sold a good number among music lovers.


In 1987, Locorriere was a voice contributor to ‘Always and forever album’ by Randy Travis. As per his music career, Locorriere co-released his album ‘Alone in the studio’ and ‘The lost tapes’ in 2008. This era was his compilation album space in which he excelled more than anything. In addition, ‘Retrospection’ in 2011 was another compiled album which was another masterpiece of the music industry of the generation.

In all of Locorrire’s exceptional recorded solo songs and albums, he is also an exceptional performer. Another Dennis Locorriere net worth means includes his live concerts and performance globally. In 1989, the artist performed in ‘The Devil And Billy Markham’ located in the Lincoln Centre, new york. Eventually, in 2000, he made an Australian tour for a Dr. Hook concert and was called back in 2015.

Furthermore, in 2007, Locorriere, with his band, commenced a celebration for the ‘Dr. Hook hits and history tour. Eventually, in 2008, he visited the united kingdom alongside ‘Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings’.Moreover in 2010, he toured UK again to promote his post cool album. Within his 15 year career, Locorriere visited Australia for the first time for different performances. In a nutshell , he is a worldwide perform, and people love his music vibe to a great extent. Moreover, he received ‘Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group’ for his excellent music.

Dennis Locorriere Net Worth

From the early 1970s till now, nobody on earth could stop the artist from riding success. In addition to his music career, Dennis Locorriere YouTube brings him money as he posts covers and music performances on the channel. Furthermore, Dennis Locorriere net worth is around $18 Million. Undoubtedly, his consistent god-gifted vocals and irresistible talent brought him a lot of fame and victory.

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