Corinna Kopf Net Worth – The Young Millionaire Voyage In A Flash

corinna kopf net worth

The youth sensation Corinna Kopf is a well-known American model and a social media celebrity. Corinna Kopf Net Worth is a renowned online content creator seen on youtube, Only fans Page, and David Dobrik vlogs. With millions of followers, Kopf is tagged as ‘Pouty Girl’  by fans on her social media handles and other channels. Undoubtedly the sole being became a millionaire in less than a year. She makes all her wealth through digital means. Shocking right? Let’s know how she did it!

Corinna Kopf Biography

Total Net Worth$10 million
Real Name Corinna Kopf
Born OnDecember 1, 1995
ProfessionModel And Social Media Star
Height5 Ft 5”
Annual salary$1 Million
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Early Life

Corinna Kopf was born in Palatine, Illinois, USA, on December 1, 1995. She belongs to an upper-middle-class family as her father is a businessman and her mother is a homemaker. As far as her schooling is concerned, she completed it through a local high school in her respective town. She was brought up in the midwest, and her family migrated to Los Angeles later. After her school was over, she graduated from Platine university. From an early age, Kopf captured stardom and fame. She was interested in gaming and posting content on social media which ultimately led her to become a millionaire. Additionally, Kopf has charm in her individuality and a beautiful good looking appearance.

Social Media Career

Kopf reportedly started working on Instagram in 2012, where she gained more than 4 million followers at the age of 16 only. Apart from posting unique original content on her feed, she makes brand endorsements and sponsorship posts to make money. In addition, as Kopf was into gaming from early childhood, she used to stream on twitch while playing Fortnite and ultimately switched to Facebook-exclusive streaming in 2019. 

Kopf made a good amount of money from her Fortnite streaming and accomplished her career in the crowded industry in a short time. She made millions of dollars from just chatting, and Fortnite feeds on Facebook, gaining 500k+ followers on amazon streaming services. Moreover, her Instagram account alone is worth $19.30 Million+. Consequently, she earns $3.87Million+ from her social media ventures.


Contrarily, Kopf has a YouTube channel where she posts ‘That Girl’ content which the audience admires a lot. This channel initiation took place in 2016. One of her ‘Terrible lip injection experience’ videos went viral. Eventually, she started posting skincare routines, beauty tips, success stories, and other experiences on the channel. In 2017, she got to collab with the David Dobrik vlog squad. In addition, she worked with big YouTube names such as Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Logan Paul, and others. Moreover, her follower list has crossed a million, and she receives $4.5K+ from AdSense revenue on YouTube. 


Based on the gamers’ fanbase, Corinna launched her OnlyFans account. On this adult site, she sold exclusive photographs for money and made millions through her live stream funds. In the very first month of joining, she made $4 Million from it. In David Dobrik’s podcast, the model confirmed the figures after her active appearance on the app. Moreover, when kopf made her account, she stated that she made $1 Million in the first 24 hours, which was a huge breakthrough for her. Kopf also debuted in Tv shows such as ‘Follow Japan!!’ and was featured in the ‘Red Bar Radio Show’ 2021.


Corinna is considered a lavish individual model, living in a massive mansion in Los Angeles. Moreover, in the shortest span, she bought a $400,000 Ferrari, her dream car. Being the pouty girl, Kopf introduced her merchandise and made it available at Fanjoy.

Corinna kopf Net Worth

With all her ventures, Corinna has collected a net worth of $10 Million. Kopf has made a solid appearance in the industry through her pictures and social accounts. Additionally, she creates funny tweets and consistently works on her social media accounts. She accomplished all the fame herself and established loyalty with her fans concisely. Moreover, Kopf influences people daily and proves how powerful social media can be in building a robust financial career.

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