Benmont Tench Net Worth – The World’s Top Rock Musician

Benmont Tench Net Worth

Benmont Tench is one of the rock’s most revered instrumentalists. The musician is best known for his work as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ longstanding pianist and keyboardist. Moreover, Tench appeared on many recordings with other artists. As per Celebritythings, he is among one of the most successful pianists ever. And became a famous solo sensation in no time. Thus, Benmont Tench Net Worth soared to the levels he deserved. 

Benmont Tench Biography

Total Net Worth$5 Million 
Real Name Benjamin Montmorency Tench III
Born OnSeptember 7, 1953
Place Of BirthGainesville, Florida, U.S
Profession Musician
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Early Life

Benjamin Montmorency Tench III was born in Gainesville, Florida, on September 7, 1953. He was raised in a modest family. After attending Phillips Exeter Academy, he completed his education at Tulane University in New Orleans. Moreover, Trench was fond of music since he was little, as he started playing the piano at a young age. He was just six when he gave his first-ever recital, which shows that his in-borne talent was already there. Soon after, he took the traditional piano lessons. However, when he heard The Beatles’ music for the first time, he decided to give up on the classical piano and learn rock and roll. Afterward, he focused more on the rock genre.

Benmont Trench was young when he first met Tom Petty at a Gainesville music shop. This encounter proved the turning point for both Benmont Tench net worth and career. Since then, Tench and Petty started playing instruments together as a duo under the band ‘The Sundowners,’ a rock band. They often used to practice in Tench’s garage space in his house. But who knew he would one day be the most famous pianist and musician known worldwide? 

Music Career 

It all started with a college break. While Tench was on a break from college, he attended a Mudcrutch concert. This was Petty’s band, with an opening performance by a local Jacksonville band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Moreover, Tench continued conversing with the band after going to the concert. That’s where Benmont net worth was about to take a huge turn. After returning to his school, Tench was called by Petty quit school and join his band. Undoubtedly, his extraordinary musical potential attracted the famous musician. After much thought, Benmont Tench agreed to be a part of the Mudcrutch band and gave full-time to this. 

Later, Mudcrutch became the famous rock band, ‘Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Benmont Trench is not only known for his incredible piano skills, but he is also quite a known session artist. He recorded tons of great music with popular musicians. Moreover, some of his notable songs with other artists include ‘You Little Thief,’ among the top 5 Australian and UK hits for Feargal Sharkey. Another one of his written songs includes ‘Never Be You,’ in 1985. The song became so popular that Rosanne Cash earned a number-one US hit song. Moreover, it was featured on a famous song album, ‘Streets of Fire.’ 

Notable Accords 

For his remarkable songwriting skills, Tench was acknowledged with ASCAP Songwriting Awards. He was granted the first award for a song performed by Hal Ketchum, ‘Stay Forever’ in 1995. Moreover, the other song was performed by Jessica Andrews, ‘Unbreakable Heart’ in 2001. Carlene Carter also performed this song in the 1990s. These accolades add much more to Benmont Tench net worth and speak for themselves for his hard work and commitment. 

Other Works & Solo Career

Benmont Tench worked with several popular bands and artists throughout his career. One of his band appearances included with ‘The Scrolls’ in 2008. However, the group is now called the ‘Works Progress Administration (WPA).’ In 2009, the band officially released an album in which Tench wrote one of the songs named ‘The Price.’ The song was performed by Tench himself and Sara Watkins. Moreover, his work with other artists is a treat to the eyes. These include ‘Bella Donna,’ and ‘Shot of Love.’ 

Further, Tench frequently performed with the Watkins Family Hour in 2009 in Los Angeles. And in 2015, The Watkins Family Hour embarked on a national tour and released their first album. Moreover, in Port Chester, New York’s Capitol Theatre, Tench performed three shows with Phil Lesh & Friends in 2019. As Tench became famous for working with multiple artists, he also produced quality solo music. It was in 2014 when he produced his first-ever solo album. This album was named ‘You Should Be So Lucky.’ Not to mention, this was a hit and left his fans delighted. 

Family & Personal Life

Born in Florida, Benmont Tench was brought up in a simple family. He is the second child of his mother, Mary Catherine McInnis Tench, and his father, Benjamin Montmorency Tench, Jr. Moreover, his father was born and raised in Gainesville. And later served as a circuit court judge in the same city. Besides having a simple background, Tench continued to work for the musical path and gained the most extraordinary success of his life. Talking about his wife, Benmont Trench married a famous Canadian fashion model, Courtney Taylor, in 1991.

 Unfortunately, the couple divorced after eight years of marriage in late 1999. Moreover, the artist married for the second time in 2015. Alice Carbone Tench, his second wife, hosts a podcast called ‘Coffee with Alice.’ Tench and his second wife welcomed their first child, Catherine Gabriella Winter, on December 16, 2017. Moreover, one tragedy that shocked the Benmont Tench Twitter audience in 2019 was benmont tench cancer. He gave an update about his health on social media platforms, and his audience was moaning. The artist talked about his tongue cancer and how it affected his speaking. Being a musician it was hard for him to overcome the hurdles that he faced during this difficult time.

Benmont Tench Net Worth

The entire musical career of Benmont Trench is a pure reflection of the artist’s hard work and dedication. He rose to fame as a pianist for a famous rock band but got single-hand success because of his exceptional talent. Moreover, Benmont Tench net worth is approximately $5 million, which shows a well-deserved achievement by the artist. Moreover, from playing the piano at an early age to becoming a world-famous musical genius, Benmont Tench continues to spread his harmonious legacy. 

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