Adam Lazzara Net Worth – A Peak Into The Top Musician’s Life

Adam Lazzara Net Worth

Many musicians are known for their top-notch music in the world of rock music. One such name is Adam Lazzara. Known for his superb vocals and enthralling performances, Lazzara is one of the most prominent names in the music industry. As per Celebritythings, he is the main vocalist of the top rock band, ‘Taking Back Sunday.’ With multiple hit singles and albums, Adam Lazzara Net Worth is something that all fans revere. Moreover, he has become the most famous singer of his time, showing the artist’s true dedication and diligence. 

Adam Lazzara Biography

Total Net Worth$5 Million 
Real Name Adam Burbank Lazzara
Born On September 22, 1981
Place Of Birth Sheffield, Alabama, U.S
Profession Singer / Songwriter 
Height 6 ft.
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Early Life

Adam Burbank Lazzara was born on September 22, 1981, in Sheffield, Alabama, United States. The singer graduated from Southwest Guildford High School in North Carolina. It all started when Jesse Lacey quit the band to join Brand New with The Rookie Lot drummer Brian Lane. The band was still in the middle of recording their debut six-track EP. John Nolan asked Adam Lazzara, his close North Carolina friend, to join his band as a lead bassist. And so he joined them to become a full-time bassist. 

Lazzara also used to work as a waiter and delivered deli food to a shop where his other bandmate Eddie Reyes used to work. When ‘Taking Back Sunday’s’ lead singer, Antonio Longo, left the band, Reyes requested Lazzara to take up the band’s vocals. And it was all there. He became the band’s new voice, and from there, Adam Lazzara net worth took several turns. From that day on, the singer is best known for his outstanding vocals and bass skills. He often plays the harmonica, which shows the multi-talented singer’s exceptional musical talents. 


Adam Lazzara is among the most versatile artists of all time.  He is the lead vocalist, composer, and musician for the rock group ‘Taking Back Sunday.’ Although his guitar skills had been quite exceptional throughout his musical journey, Lazzara also had a marvelous singing talent. Moreover, when he was offered the group’s lead vocalist role, the people instantly became his fans. Adam Lazzara net worth rose significantly, working with this band. By 2022, he had released at least seven albums with the known group, which marks his successful career expedition. 

Lazzara released his first album with his band in 2002, ‘Tell All Your Friends.’ It was the best-produced album by the musician, which received high applause from his audience. Moreover, the group began releasing their other albums. These include ‘Where You Want To Be’ in 2004, ‘Louder Now’ in 2006, and ‘New Again’ in 2009. He released another album under his group’s name, ‘Taking Back Sunday’ in 2011. His popular project albums include ‘Happiness Is’ in 2014 and ‘Tidal Waves’ in 2016. Besides doing his career-best albums, Lazzara released his solo song in 2013. The song’s called ‘Because It Works.’ 

Personal Life & Family

Adam Lazzara’s personal life has been a rollercoaster ride. The singer started dating Chauntelle Dupree at the beginning of 2006. He was on a tour when he met the famous guitarist of Eisley, Chauntelle Dupree. After dating for a while, they engaged on February 14, 2007. Their wedding was announced to be held on March 2008. However, the couple didn’t end up well. After the marriage announcement, Dupree’s father informed the fans that the couple had broken up. And the wedding was called off. 

One month after splitting ways with Dupree, Lazzara started dating Misha Vaagen. She was a local barista and a close family friend of the DuPrees family. Moreover, adam lazzara wife tied the knot with him in June 2008. Their marriage has been successful to date, showing true love still exists. The couple welcomed their first child, Keaton Ari Danger, in January 2009. Afterwards, they had two more children. But 2015 was quite a year for the famous musician. In the February of the following year, Adam Lazzara was detained for a DWI in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, he was released on a $2,500 bond in the same year. 

Adam Lazzara Net Worth 

Looking into the exciting career of the famous rock singer, it is proof of his remarkable talent and extraordinary talent. From being a simple bassist to a lead singer of one of the top rock bands in the world, Lazzara proved that there is no limit to opportunities. Moreover, Celebritythings research shows that  Adam Lazzara net worth is $5 million. And no doubt that it’s evidence of his perseverance and commitment to his profession. With such an incredible music career, he will surely become a top name in the music industry’s history. 

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