A Specially Abled Gospel Star Bradley Walker Net Worth 

Bradley Walker Net Worth

About Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker is a quadriplegia gospel bluegrass singer who diverts the audience’s attention to the mysteries of faith and true music. Bradley Walker net worth is a mixture of his hit albums and mystical voice as he connects the soul of the fans with the music. Leaving behind all his stereotypical physical disabilities, he has proved that any human can achieve their dreams.

Bradley Walker Biography

Total Net Worth$5 Million
Real NameBradley Walker
Born OnMay 8, 1987
Place of birth Athens Alabama 
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Early Life

Bradley Walker was born in Athens, Alabama, on May 8, 1987. He studied at East Limestone high school. Almost half of the world knows about singer Bradley Walker disability, which has inspired the individual. Walker has influenced a lot of people behind him. Bradly was born with muscular dystrophy, in which gene mutation causes muscular diseases. Moreover, the muscles weaken with time, making it harder for a human to move frequently. The wheelchair has been a permanent prop with Walker since his early childhood.

While Bradley was in high school, he played percussion in the school band. Apart from nature being unfortunate, Walker started singing when he was just two. As soon as he turned four, Bradley Walker net worth was initiated through his magical vocals, and he was ready to make himself shine on stage. Moreover, at age 10, the oak ridge boys invited him to perform on stage. He conjoined melodies with the oak bridge boys on ‘Nashville now’ and ‘MDA Telethon’. The best highlight of Bradley walker is that alongside pursuing his early music career, he was working as a material inventory coordinator in a nuclear power plant.

Is Bradley Walker Married?

Despite his disability, he inspired millions of people throughout the world. He changed the vision of every person who thought life was finished after he met an unwanted tragedy. However, at the beginning of his career, there was a rumor that Joey Feek married Bradley walker. However, she was married to Rory, and they both ran a studio together where Bradley got his debut album. 

In addition, Bradley walker singer is married to a country singer and a talented songwriter Sarah jane Buxton. They tied the knot back in 2015. Bradley Walker’s wife was active in music from her childhood as well. She used to learn piano and other instruments during her school days. As soon as Bradley Walker wife Sarah grew up, she got into songwriting and started composing poetry. Eventually, Stevie nicks encouraged her to pursue music after her graduation, and that is how they combined their destinies.

Music Career

To begin with, in 1998, walker successfully formed his ban ‘The Trinity Mountain boys’. Eventually, Bradley Walker bluegrass performances were initiated. In addition, bluegrass is a music genre of American roots created in the 1940s. There are acoustic instruments and ballad-like tunes in this genre. However, the bluegrass festivals collect the bluegrass singers and the public together. This especially happens in the south of the USA. In 2001, he partnered with ‘Lost horizon’, a Georgia-based group. In addition, Bradley Walker YouTube channel is also running, bringing Bradley Walker net worth to a new level. The channel posts his songs and other music entities for views.


Finally, in 2006, rounder records signed Bradley in, and he released his debut album ‘Highway of dreams’. Leaving all the physical disabilities behind, Walker got the male vocalist of the year award from ‘The international bluegrass music association’ for the exceptional album. Jumping onto 2016, walker released his second album, ‘Call Me Old Fashioned’ It was a massive hit in the industry. The producer Rory Feek was beyond joyous after tis hi album recorded a Joey+Rory studio.

Bradley had known both since 2007. Unfortunately, Joey was no more in the world, and he sang the Hymn at her funeral. Bill Gaither, the owner of the Gaither music group, signed Bradley to his label after hearing his beautiful voice. This album was special because it had the vocals of dead joey in ‘In the time that you gave me’. It was number 9 on the top country album chart.


In 2017, walker successfully released another album named ‘Blessed: Hymns& songs of faith’. There was a collaboration in this album with witty Vince Gill, the oak ridge boys, and other big names. Moreover, this album massively hit the audience, and Bradley received the ‘GMA Dove Award’ at the bluegrass album of the year award in 2018. He performed with Vince Gill the following year at the Crossroad guitar festival’. In 2020, Bradley started collaborations with artists like Jimmy Fortune’, Mike Rogers, and others. Moreover, they together released an album, ‘Brotherly love’.They also filmed a concert DVD at Rory Feek’s studio.

Singles And Music Videos

The inspirational singer Bradley Walker released an album in 2016 named ‘Call me old fashioned’. Its determined fortune was the single he composed, wrote, and released in it. ‘Why Me’ was his only single, but it was a massive hit in the music industry. This brought the audience towards his music, and he built a tremendous fanbase. Contrarily, in 2006, he got interested in making a music video that would attract people more toward him. The main reason behind this was the developing trend of visual motion music. He released the ‘A little change’ music video to become the ultimate motivation for gloomy people.

Bradley Walker Awards 

GMA Dove Awards 2017Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year

Bluegrass/Country/Roots Recorded Song/album of the Year
GMA Dove Awards 2018Bluegrass/Country/Roots Recorded Song/ album of the Year

Southern Gospel Artist of the Year

Bradley Walker Net Worth

Breaking through every slit of the muscle syndrome, Bradley Walker Net Worth never came slow. His unprecedented dedication and consistency in the music arena brought him a net worth of $5 Million. Moreover, he is looking forward to more success in his career out of his self-efficient characteristic nature.

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